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Create rental products, manage rental orders and view rental inventory

Packed with features to allow you to set up and manage rental products and orders within your WooCommerce store. Rental information is extensively integrated into the admin dashboard allowing you to see scheduled rentals through a calendar, view rental inventory, see rental information within orders, perform order management on rentals, filter products/orders by rentals and much more.

Customers can select rental dates using a date range picker from the product page and review the total rental price. You can also display an availability checker in any location in your store via a block/shortcode to allow customers to select preferred rental dates and then view rental availability status as they browse your store – if available preferred dates are automatically populated on product pages. Rental information such as rent from and to dates are shown to the customer throughout their journey through your website including on product pages, cart, checkout, order summary, account pages and emails.

Read on to find out why you should use Rental Products and the great features included…

Carla, an eCommerce store owner said:
“Rental Products has added a valuable revenue stream to my eCommerce fashion store. We can easily create rental products, customers can select the dates they require them and we ship them out, customers receive a return reminder email and we get the products sent back to us ready for the next rental. Brilliant extension! 🙋‍♀️”

Why use Rental Products?

  • Start selling rentals in your store within minutes
  • Create “rental only” or “rental or purchase” products
  • Works with simple, variable and grouped products
  • Works with all your existing products
  • Availability checker to select preferred rental dates and view availability of products
  • Date range picker including non-selectable dates where rental already fully booked/out of stock/disabled
  • Auto calculation of totals for rental dates and pricing within product page
  • Rental calendar for overview of past, current and future rentals
  • Rental inventory to view all rental product, stock totals, stock in and out, search, sorting, print and export
  • Order management for returns, reduce rental dates and cancel rental for each rental line item
  • Automated rental return reminder emails
  • Rental from/to and return days displayed throughout ordering process including cart, checkout and account
  • Various pricing options allowing you to set pricing as you require including pricing tiers, multiple date periods, etc
  • Add rental information to products and set global information which is applied to every rental product
  • Rental product management tools, easily clone rental product options from one rental product to another product (or set of products), import/export information and debugging
  • Admin dashboard filters to easily filter orders/products by rentals
  • Admin dashboard bulk actions to update rental data using bulk product data options
  • Extensive WooCommerce frontend/backend integration
  • Mobile/tablet friendly rental form and availability checker
  • Various of rental product options to setup rentals
  • Functions and filters for custom development
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons to add even more product options

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For technical details view the documentation.

This extension is primarily designed for use by eCommerce stores who wish to ship rental products to customers and have them shipped back, it may be suitable for in-person rentals/collections too but the functionality included is more geared towards shipped rentals.


Includes these great features…

Rental form date picker

Rental products show an easy to use rental calendar where customers can select their dates for rental, it works great on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Rental form totals

Once the customer has selected their rental dates on the product page the total is calculated and displayed without any reloading and also displays and return day thresholds.

Availability checker

Add the availability checker block/shortcode to allow a customer to select their desired dates, then every product within the store shows whether it is available for rental.

“Rental only” or “Rental or purchase” products

Rental only products can only be rented, rental or purchase products are normal purchasable products but also allow the customer to rent the product instead.

Pricing options

Picing options including fixed or period pricing, pricing period, pricing tiers, price + additional period %, price display overrides and total overrides.

Availability options

Availability options including minimum/maximum days, start/return days thresholds, disable specific rental dates, disable rental days and disable rental start/end days.

Deposit options

Includes various availability options including security deposit amount, calculation as quantity or fixed, tax status, tax class and whether the deposit is non-refundable.

Calendar options

Choose whether the calendar displayed within the rental form on the product page should be inline or require a field click and the number of months and columns to display.

Add-ons options

Works great with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons allowing you even more flexibility to let your customers select add-on options.

Rentals calendar

The rentals calendar in the dashboard provides an overview of past, present and future rentals order items which you can click on for quick access to orders.

Rentals inventory

Get a snapshot of your current rental inventory which lists all rental products within your store, the total rental stock and how much stock is in and out.

Rentals tools

The tools section allows you to clone rental product options from one product to another product or set of products, import/export information and a debug tool.

Order management

You can filter the order list by orders with rentals and within each order each order item has the rental from/to dates and any return day thresholds shown, you can mark order items (or the entire order) as returned and reduce rental dates.


Rental from/to and return day threshold are added to most of the customer facing order emails that your store emails to customers, there is also a rental return reminder email with various options that reminds the customer when their order has a rental due for return.

Cart/checkout/account rental information

In addition to displaying rental information such as rent from/to and return day thresholds on the product page, it is also included throughout the customer journey to cart/checkout and in their account order history.


Rental products includes several global settings such as rental date formats, disable rental dates, rental or purchase toggles, rental price display, rental information, availability checker and much more.


See the extension in action…

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Frequently asked questions and answers…

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For technical details view the documentation.

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Example usage

Trisha manages a WooCommerce store selling baby clothes, through selling baby clothes she knows which products are the most popular, she decided to purchase several sets of the most popular products to rent. With Rental Products she can setup a range of rental products and define pricing and stock. Customers can choose their desired dates for rental via the optional availability checker and then all rentals throughout the store display whether the products are available on the chosen dates. They can place an order for the rental products and get an email showing each product and the rental dates and any return days thresholds. Before the customer is due to return the products they receive an email reminder to ship the products back. Trisha can view a calendar of past, present and upcoming rentals and review the current rental inventory.


  • Minimum PHP version: 7.0.0
  • Minimum WordPress version: 5.6.0
  • Minimum WooCommerce version: 4.2.0

Please note with any new extension it is recommended you test the extension on a staging/development environment before use on your production website.

Getting started

Please note that is recommended you connect your store to your WooCommerce.com account, this ensures you get extension updates when released and can access support quickly.

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