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A WooConf Highlight

December 4, 2014 - Leave a comment

It seems wild that it’s been just over a month since we pulled off a very successful conference all about WooCommerce, if I can speak for and brag on our planning team. They did an incredible job with the first ever WooConf, and for many, the first conference they’ve helped plan. Of course, this wouldn’t have been nearly so awesome or even possible without the gracious team we worked with at A2E. Kudos to everyone involved!

With that said we wanted to capture the energy and vibe from WooConf somehow, so we had a couple of us run around with a camera and mic to see what others thought of our conference. We quickly stuck a camera in people’s faces in-between talks and during breaks and said, “Tell us what you think of WooConf!” We talked to our very own Mark Forrester, who helped kick off the conference, and chatted with some speakers, sponsors, our own ninjas, and plenty of attendees!

We then created a fun video with people’s reactions to WooConf. Check it out below and be sure you catch the main point, it was a blast and you better be there next year! 🙂

*We will be posting the sessions from WooConf as we edit them. They’ll be ready soon!

Customer Happiness Report (September 2013)

October 22, 2013 - 13 Comments

You’ll have to forgive us again, we’re publishing this a bit later into the month due to our WooTrip that kicked off right at the beginning of October. We’re all back home now though fully inspired to take WooThemes to the next level. So let’s recap quickly everything that happened in September.

Covering releases or updates first we kicked things off with a free Amazon Advanced Payments gateway, and a free PayFast gateway for WooCommerce shops based out of South Africa. Following that a massive 2.0 update to WooSlider came out.  We also made inventory management easy and gave new life to Standard theme.

Then came three big knockouts in a row. WooCommerce Subscriptions 1.4.0 is a huge and amazing update, the same with Sensei 1.4.0, and finally our theme For The Cause brought up the end of releases for the month.

Beside those awesome releases we’ve posted some great knowledge on our blog too. We covered 5 free WooCommerce themes, how to improve your WordPress security in 10 steps,  a Vital Health Foods case study, why we price ecommerce projects wrong, build your personal brand using WordPress, automating your WooCommerce store, how to write a WordPress job description, how WooThemes is getting involved in the WordPress community, and finally the dangers of WordPress plugin ignorance.

Be sure to check out all the great releases and content we published in September. Now let’s dive into the support side of things. Here are the numbers.

September's Numbers
September’s Numbers

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Customer Happiness Report (August 2013)

September 13, 2013 - 28 Comments

We’ve only good news to report for August’s stats. Even with many of us taking end of summer leave, squeezing in some beach time, we’ve kept our support firing on all cylinders and have put out better numbers than last month. First, let’s do a  recap of the month.

We started August with a huge foundational change to our business, making sure we are running a sustainable business. That garnered plenty of feedback on the changes, we listened and made sure we treated our customers right. We got to talk with Merrill Mayer who wrote a case study on creating the Cornforth Wildnerness Photography Website. Matty also had a chat with Bob Dunn about aha moments and WordPress training using Sensei. We celebrated a huge 200,000 orders made on our site, and then published a couple how tos; How To Use Our SupportHow To Create a Unique Canvas Site, and Getting Started with WooCommerce. We then rounded out the month with quite a few product releases. We started off with Product Vendors, our latest theme Show Off, and a bundle of WooCommerce extensions.

August's Metrics
August’s Metrics

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Customer Happiness Report (July 2013)

August 12, 2013 - 9 Comments

This Customer Happiness Report marks a significant turning point for us. Drawing a line in the sand, I’ve dubbed it The Triumphant Return of the Ninja!

Before we get into the stats though, here’s a quick recap of the month’s happenings. We started out July with a memorable theme named just that, Memorable. We also had a big birthday bash after turning 5 years old, talked how distributed teams are an advantage, and chatted with Brian Krogsgard and how he manages client websites.  We inspired change for Mandela Day, gave a quick overview of running WordPress on Nginx, and even released a free icon set for education sites. Turning gears back to releases, we put out our site maintenance plugin called See You Later, a hot summer selection of WooCommerce extensions, and social reviews for WooCommerce thanks to YOTPO,  Finally we wrapped up the month with WP Migrate DB Pro, Ecommerce stats, trends and tips, and two case studies on Animal Onesies & BobWP Online Classes.

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Customer Happiness Report (June 2013)

July 6, 2013 - 11 Comments

Here we are once again. June is over so let’s do a quick wrap up of everything we’ve been doing here. It’s definitely been another busy month, but what else would you expect from us? Obviously, we know July will be no different so checkout what we were up to in June real quick before July passes us by!

Starting out we released our latest theme, On Topic. One of my personal favorites, it was designed and built in house! We featured a couple of collaborative posts in an effort to share more awesome WordPress & WooThemes related products. First up we had ManageWP making it easy to manage your site, followed by Wysija who put a little Woo in their newsletter plugin, and finally from Tweaky.com who showed us how to create custom reports for your content & social media marketing.

Outside of that we posted some free ecommerce icons, launched our themes on CreativeMarket, ran a quick Facebook contest, showed you how we use version control on our own site, added support for Twitter’s new API into WooDojo, released the points & rewards extension, celebrated a huge milestone of 1 million WooCommerce downloads, had another roundup of free WooCommerce extensions, and finally had a classic WooCommerce extension drop. Whew, let’s take a moment now to take a deep breath and see how we did supporting all of this!

June Metrics
June’s Metrics

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Customer Happiness Report (May 2013)

June 3, 2013 - 11 Comments

As May ends we’re quickly approaching the halfway mark of 2013. The seasons are starting to turn around the world, and we here at WooThemes have continued to turn up the activity. Our favorite ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce, is also turning up the heat and growing faster and faster. We are quickly approaching 1 MILLION downloads of WooCommerce when we just celebrated 500,000 downloads at the end of January. Stay tuned for news on that.

I’m also happy to announce today that we’ve got two NEW incredible support ninjas. We thought it’d be great to introduce the two of them together with a little interview we did last week. So take a moment to meet Patrick & Rémi.

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Customer Happiness Report (April 2013)

May 1, 2013 - 6 Comments

We’ve reached the end of April, and it should come as no surprise it was another eventful month here at WooThemes! We started our month with some well done maintenance on our own site here. We ourselves needed to update our own WooCommerce setup, among many other updates, to help alleviate some sore spots on the site. The update went smooth and the ship was back up and running in no time! We also published three new case studies this month, and alongside that rolled out three WooCommerce extension drops. If you thought we stopped there, guess again. In the middle of WooCommerce drops we released our latest theme, Resort, sponsored and thoroughly enjoyed WordSesh, retired a few themes, and finally pushed out major updates to Canvas and Sensei! Oh, and one more thing, our FREE Features and Testimonials plugins got some very nice updates as well!

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Customer Happiness Report (March 2013)

April 2, 2013 - 32 Comments

March came roaring in like a lion, and well, she did not let up all month. Our excitement started early with the release of  WooCommerce 2.0. A few short days later we introduced Product Finder for WooCommerce. The much anticipated Superstore theme made it’s debut while the U.S. team members met up for WordCamp Atlanta. Finally, we rounded out the month with the announcement that WooThemes is now on ThemeForest.

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Customer Happiness Report (February 2013)

March 1, 2013 - 31 Comments

As promised, we’re back for our customer happiness report for the month of February. We had some fantastic numbers from January, our first response times were well under our stated goals (outside of a small percentage of tickets), and we had a 91% satisfaction rating for all tickets. So, with that, let’s see how we compared.

Since February only has 28 days, our total ticket to days ratio will be a bit skewed this month. Some other internal wild cards that have affected our stats include: surgery, wisdom teeth, holiday leave, internal reorganization, and training. Although our team has grown over the last year, the loss of just one member can be felt throughout.

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The August Showcase Showoff

August 2, 2012 - 8 Comments

We’re back for a second installment of our Showcase Showoff. We had some fantastic sites in the last post, and are keeping the trend going. Be sure you visit each of these sites and see them in action, and vote in our poll below! If you have your own awesome WooThemes, WooCommerce, WooDojo, Flexslider, etc… site. Be sure you submit it to our showcase!

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The July Showcase Showoff

July 3, 2012 - 7 Comments

We’re on a new quest to show off our users wonderful customizations and modifications. After the majority of our recovery from the hack, we’ve been much more active on the showcase. I’ve been going through and publishing submissions there at least once a week. We’re also actively seeking out more case studies for the blog too. If you share a showcase or case study worthy site with us, expect us to contact you. If you think you have a site that is deserving, of course let us know too.

With that out of the way, here is another avenue we’re going to try. I’ve dubbed it the Showcase Showoff. After each week of updating the showcase, we’re going to take a few of the featured sites added and show them off here. I’ll tell you what we thought was awesome about each site shown off, and we expect you to get in on the fun too! It’s kind of akin to the Showcase Showdown WooThemes did awhile back, except much more friendlier. These sites aren’t battling it out, but you can definitely let us know which is your favorite. 😉

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Get To Know Mike Krapf

February 13, 2012 - 11 Comments

We’re continuing on in our series called “Getting To Know Woo” today. Our next brave ninja up is Mike. Mike is a fellow stateside member of the WooTeam. We’re actually not to far from each other, that is compared to the rest of the WooTeam. He’s living about two hours East from me in Ohio.

As mentioned Mike is one of our forum ninjas, actually a master forum ninja according to our meet the team page. 😉 I’m sure if you’ve used our forums more than once you’ve run into Mike taking care of you. Outside of the forums he also takes care of helping create some awesome themes with our other developers. Mike and Matty worked on my favorite theme of 2011, Wikeasi.

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Getting Ready For 100 Themes

July 28, 2011 - 13 Comments

We’re Almost There

If you’ve noticed this little counter in our site’s footer, you’ve seen that it’s ticking dangerously close to 100 themes. Now, as far as I’m aware we’re the only theme shop with this many themes available for you to choose from. This is only made possible by our designers & developers relentless drive to keep to our promise of producing at least 2 themes a month. While it may make the decision on what theme to use hard for some of you, we believe it’s a great part of what we offer. Not only for our club subscribers that get access to ALL of these themes, but as we keep adding themes to our collection it’s a great value for anyone looking for a great choice of say business themes or magazine themes as our categories keep growing.

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