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WooCommerce Tech Stack: Development Pro Cody Landefeld

May 12, 2020 - Leave a comment

It’s always a treat to sit down with entrepreneurs from the WooCommerce community. They come from every walk of life but have one thing in common: a commitment to helping people grow their businesses.

Cody Landefeld lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he’s the Director of Mode Effect, a digital agency specializing in WooCommerce and WordPress. Cody started the agency in 2010, after more than a decade in the industry, and now heads a team of designers, developers, strategists, and copywriters.

Cody gave us a peek into his life as a business leader, Twitter junkie, family man, vinyl collector, Christian, and sneakerhead. Cody has a cool job and varied set of interests, so we didn’t just want to talk about Woo; we chatted about his professional and personal tech stacks — the software, apps, podcasts, and social media platforms he leverages to make his life more efficient, fun, and inspired.

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