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Small business owners have a lot to think about.

If you’re thinking of launching a business—or you’re looking to switch your website platform or merchant service—here’s one thing you’ll realize pretty quickly: you’re going to have to make decisions on aspects of business that you might have little experience with.

For example, most small business owners aren’t experts at eCommerce platforms or payments processing, but here’s a small sampling of the steps you need to consider just to get your products or services available online:

  • Launching a web store: Hiring a developer, selecting the right hosting service, designing your website, choosing a shopping cart, linking it to your website.
  • Setting up payments: Comparing merchant services, including services provided, costs, and fees.
  • Running your business: Choosing an accounting solution, figuring out how to link it with your shopping cart, learning how to use it.

Entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats. As one, you’re probably busy focusing on other aspects of your business—production, inventory forecasting, financing—the list goes on. There’s little time left for sifting through websites, watching tutorials, and comparing options for website hosting, payment processing, and managing the books. And this could be a barrier for many small businesses who are ready to get started and eager to bring in revenue.

PayPal Business in a Box with WooCommerce is an all-in-one solution

PayPal Business in a Box eliminates the need for researching and decision-making on topics that you might have little education about. They’ve done the research for you in order to bring together powerful, yet easy-to-use tools that can help you build your business quickly.

In one fell swoop you can take payments, manage your finances, host your store reliably, and (of course!) sell with WooCommerce. When you sign up, you’re given what you need to launch an online store, start selling your products, take online payments, and manage your finances. You get to:

  • Accept payments anywhere. PayPal payment processing is included in every box. Get paid online, in person or in store with PayPal Here, and via invoice. Plus, get Seller Protection on eligible transactions (limits apply).
  • Build an online store. Whether you plan to do it yourself or to work with a developer, you can build and launch a beautiful online store with WooCommerce.
  • Run your business. Track and organize sales and expenses, reconcile your accounts, and manage your finances from nearly anywhere. Plus, build customer and prospect lists and launch email marketing.
  • Borrow for your business. Get access to funding for your business with a PayPal Business Loan1 or with PayPal Working Capital.2 Use the funds to help grow your business by purchasing inventory, investing in equipment, or managing cash flow.*

And the best benefit of all: with Business in a Box, everything works together seamlessly.

New! Business in a Box with WooCommerce includes Smart Payment Buttons

WooCommerce is one of the first platforms to offer PayPal Smart Payment Buttons as part of its PayPal Checkout extension. Smart Payment Buttons dynamically present your customers with the most relevant payment options at checkout, whether it be major credit cards and debit cards, PayPal, and when relevant to the customer, Venmo and PayPal Credit.3 For small businesses, it makes payment choice possible without crowding your checkout page with payment methods that might not otherwise be relevant.

Plus, when you offer Venmo as a payment option, you can open your doors to millions of mobile-savvy millennial shoppers. Behind every one of them who pays with Venmo is a network of friends who can choose to view, like, and comment on purchases shared on the Venmo feed, bringing your business front and center in the conversation and potentially providing brand exposure with each purchase.

PayPal Business in a Box with WooCommerce is designed to help small businesses launch and thrive.

Getting started with PayPal Business in a Box is simple. You just sign up for a PayPal Business account. It’s free to sign up and takes just a few minutes. (If you already have an account, you just log in to get started.) Tell us a bit about your business, and we’ll recommend the Business in a Box that best meets your needs. Then, you activate your box by following the provided setup instructions. You can get your online business up and running in as little as a day.

1 The lender for PayPal Business Loan is WebBank, Member FDIC.

2 The lender for PayPal Working Capital is WEbBank, Member FDIC. * To apply for PayPal Working Capital, your business must have a PayPal business or premier account for at least 90 days and process between $15,000 (or for premier accounts $20,000) and $20 million within those 90 days or within any time period less than or equal to 12 months. PayPal sales include processing on PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, and PayPal Here.

3 PayPal Credit is subject to consumer credit approval.


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