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How to Increase Your Cart Recovery Rate

August 21, 2014 - 6 Comments

Cart Recovery7 out of 10 customers abandon their shopping carts.

This is obviously a problem. Rusting carts litter the urban landscape, fuel the illegal scrapping industry, and…wait, wrong kind of carts.

I’m actually talking about the online variety, the abandonment of which is creating an even greater problem. People leaving e-stores in the middle of purchases cost retailers an estimated $18 billion annually.

But some experts suspect that it’s not the abandonment itself that’s the problem. In fact, it seems to be a normal part of the process leading to the decision to buy. The problem is that it took the e-commerce world too long to realize that.

Just a few years ago, 81% of online retailers assumed that the minute the browser window was closed, that was the end of the sales process. However, recent numbers are showing that with the right methods, plenty of wayward leads can be pulled back and converted into loyal customers.

But first, you have to know…

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