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Meet Swayze, our first theme for Ghost

November 14, 2013 - 16 Comments

We love blogging. The very foundation of how WooThemes began, centred around our co-founders each building personal brands via, you guessed it, their personal blogs.

Today, we’re excited to be involved in an initiative that speaks to this passion. Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, we’re proud to present… WooThemes for Ghost!

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Be a Show Off

August 22, 2013 - 38 Comments


You have a website or are looking to set up a new one. You’re furiously writing content, working up a sweat and tirelessly creating amazing blog posts and pages to put all your content out there for the world to view and admire. You’re now ready to choose a design to best showcase this content. Your website is just that; yours. Be a Show Off and show off your content to the world.

Today’s release is a real looker. Everyone, say “howdy” to “Show Off”, our latest WordPress theme.

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Jack of all trades – Presenting “Hustle”

December 13, 2012 - 58 Comments

Hustle is a jack of all trades WordPress theme and today we get to introduce it to you.

Designed in-house by Cobus Bester it shares characteristics with the spacious, clean styling of the Shelflife theme that he designed at the start of 2012, and that went down a treat with our community.

The Hustle product rollover effect.
Hustle has plenty of white space to help focus a user’s attention on your content, and with circular placeholders for your post imagery it really adds a level of polish to your post displays.

We continue to emphasis the quest we are on at WooThemes- to add heaps of functionality to all our new themes via plugins, rather than bundled in the theme itself. This allows you the option to have a super lean and lightly-coded theme, or add further power under the bonnet by enabling our plugins. The theme provides perfect styling for the plugins, tailored specifically to the theme.

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Responsive design with layout controls. Meet Merchant.

April 12, 2012 - 54 Comments

Merchant is the brain child of our in-house pixel wrangler Mr Cobus Bester. His idea was to design a theme with a unique adaptive layout with advanced customization controls, to help equally highlight all the business modules of our popular themes, along with the capabilities of showcasing a portfolio, blog and mini-features with JS Masonry. Think of it as an alternative to some of the popular hosted solutions for designers showcasing portfolios and selling prints.

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Breathing even more life into WooCommerce

January 5, 2012 - 37 Comments

So 2012 has finally arrived and we are getting back into the swing of things at the speed of Woo…

Shelflife is our first 2012 theme, designed and developed in-house by the talented Mr Cobus Bester, a.k.a. Fresh01. Shelflife is a clean, e-commerce focussed theme with a homepage dedicated to featured, popular and recent products with dedicated spaces for mini-features and promotions powered by their own custom post types, as well as a widgetized sidebar and footer regions. Think of it as a hybrid business and e-commerce theme where your products can be as much or as little a focus as you desire with a dedicated shop page available too.

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Editorial Case Study

July 13, 2011 - 10 Comments

We recently released Editorial, a magazine theme that aims to mimic familiar features of traditional print media, like newspapers and magazines. This post takes a look at the thought process that went into designing Editorial, and the implementation and development of some of those ideas.

Editorial’s design is very much inspired by traditional newspaper layouts, focusing on the content. The center aligned header, slightly textured background, strong sans-serif headlines, serif body copy and drop-caps all help to give the design a more traditional aesthetic. But the theme’s real strong point, the feature that sets it apart from other magazine themes, is it’s single post layouts. Users have the option to choose from a number of different columnized post content layouts, allowing each post to be styled uniquely.

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