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Training ninjas with Jon Hicks

July 15, 2010 - 21 Comments

Mr. Jon Hicks

Over the past couple months we’ve had the pleasure of working with the pixel surgeon, and icon designer extraordinaire that is Jon Hicks.

We commissioned Jon to re-design our popular ninja mascot that you would have seen busting moves all around our site. Our ninja was originally traced and vectorized based on a freely available icon design. However, we got so many people emailing us, and kindly informing us, that our ninja was being illegally used on other sites across the interwebs that we thought it was high time that we sat down and designed our own, unique mascot that epitomizes WooThemes ethos.

Let’s hand over to Jon for more information about the brief we gave him, and his creative design process.

The brief for the update of the ninja character was to give it more uniqueness, but retain the rounded/cute feel that the current character had.

Jon's doodles in his sketchbook that I'm sure a lot of designer's would like to take a peak in

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WooThemes needs a Master Woo Ninja

November 4, 2008 - 15 Comments

Master Woo Ninja RequiredAs we continue to grow and release more and more themes so does our support queries in the forums. We have a dedicated team of great Woo Ninjas, but we are looking for one particular ninja who can dedicate a bit more time to our forums. We are wanting someone who will check the forums every few hours during office hours, and check in once on the weekend too. They will be responsible for answering woo users queries and the general day to day administration of the forums.

The exact hours you work are pretty flexible, you can work from home and earn good money, not to forget you receive a developer’s license to all our themes. All we require from you are some great html/css skills and sound wordpress knowledge, as well as a love for WooThemes. We request a minimum of 500 forum posts a month (exact terms available upon request).

Sound attractive? We are only accepting one Master Woo Ninja for now so if you think you have what we need get hold of us asap on info@woocommerce.com.

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