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3 WooCommerce stores with awesome product customizations

November 11, 2016 - 12 Comments

You want, we’re sure, every customer who purchases a product from your store to have an enjoyable shopping experience. You want to avoid broken links, slow pages, and abandoned carts.

The stakes get even higher for the shoppers who aren’t just browsing, but are creating the products they plan to purchase. Custom-created or personalized products can increase sales dramatically, but with their presence comes a need for product pages that go above and beyond the standard image gallery and add to cart button.

Whether you’re already selling products with optional personalization or are considering adding some custom creations for your store, we thought a little inspiration might prove useful. And, thanks to the WooCommerce Showcase, inspiration is never hard to find.

Here’s a look at three stores with some amazing customization options on their product pages, plus tips and extensions that will help you pull this off on your own store.

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WooCommerce 1.2.2 + 5 new extensions

November 17, 2011 - 29 Comments

I’m struggling to get creative writing these Thursday blog post titles, so I’m getting straight to the point.

Today see’s the release of WooCommerce 1.2.2 and 5 new extensions – and would you believe it none of them are payment gateways?!

We’re extremely excited by the amount of developers who have lept at the opportunity of developing for WooCommerce and creating a passive income stream whilst exploring the core of our offering. You’re going to like these extensions. Trust me.

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