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Fresh News 2.0

June 26, 2009 - 24 Comments

Fresh News is the all time most popular theme here at WooThemes, so we thought it should deserve to be one of the first themes to receive the new Woo Framework update treatment (see video of new framework). What this basically means is that the theme is now easier to setup and use because of the improved functions in the framework (options panel, new widgets, easier image upload, easier to update in future etc.).

We also reworked some of the coding on the front page of the theme, so it now acts more like Busy Bee in functionality. To be more specific:

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WooThemes is now running WordPress 2.7!

December 11, 2008 - 53 Comments

We have now updated all our demo themes to the latest version of WordPress! There were no problems at all in the upgrade, so you can go ahead and upgrade! There is no need to update your theme to the latest version if it is working fine on your current installation.

The new version of WordPress sports a brand new admin interface which is incredible in our opinion. Much quicker and better layout than the last one. There are also some new features available in version 2.7 like threaded comments, which we will now start adding to new themes and also our old themes. We are aiming on doing a mass update of all themes with the new features that we believe are worth adding, so stay tuned for an update in the coming week.

Which features would you to see in the future update of our themes? Let us know in the comments below…

Update! We are currently updating our themes to support threaded comments. Here is the list of themes that have been updated:

  • Busy Bee v1.1 – (demo)
  • Gotham News v1.1 – (demo)
  • Abstract v1.0 – (demo)
  • Fresh News v1.4 – (demo)
  • VibrantCMS v1.2 – (demo)
  • Papercut v1.2 – (demo)
  • Gazette v1.3 (demo)
  • Live Wire v1.3 (demo)
  • NewsPress v1.3 (demo)
  • Flash News v1.3 (demo)
  • Over Easy v1.1 (demo)
  • Open Air v1.2 (demo)
  • Thick v1.1 (demo)
  • Typebased v1.1 (demo)

Please review the changelog.txt in the theme directory for info on which files to update. We are working on updating our other themes and will update this post when they are done.

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