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Affiliate For WooCommerce

Developed by StoreApps
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(10 customer reviews)

Affiliate For WooCommerce

10 reviews  |   Developed by StoreApps

WooCommerce Affiliate Program Plugin

Why use complex third-party affiliate platforms or plugins when you can run your own affiliate program from WooCommerce itself? Especially when it’s super easy, jargon-free and comes with all the powerful features…

Powerful affiliate program with full control and accuracy

  • Allow people to sign up as your affiliates. Approve them and set them up to receive commissions. Let them create referral links. Track visitors, conversions, commissions, and payouts. It’s all there!
  • Turn customers and subscribers into affiliate partners and brand ambassadors.
  • Track affiliate progress and adjustments: commissions are adjusted based on order status changes and recurring subscription payments.
  • Easy payouts via PayPal, Referral tracking using Coupons and many other features.
  • Integrate with your own site — Affiliate for WooCommerce works as a WooCommerce extension, so your costs and setup time are reduced.

You know that word-of-mouth/reviews and recommendations are powerful. With an affiliate program, you can make them work for you.

Unlock high conversions, sales, and credibility

You have awesome products but are struggling to meet your sales goals… You’re not alone. Most makers face this challenge.

One sure way to breakthrough results is a successful affiliate partner program. Why?

  • 81% of brands leverage the power of affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing spending is increasing every year.
  • 38% of marketers confirm affiliate programs as one of their top customer acquisition channel.
  • Customers trust people they know and like. They don’t know you yet — but when an influencer recommends your products, customers will be a lot more receptive what you have to offer, upping your conversions.
  • Distribution is key to success. You can spend a ton to get traffic, but affiliates can send you high quality, qualified leads. You get access to their audiences, who are already primed to be drawn to your products.
  • You only pay for paying customers, not for ads or leads! When you run an affiliate program, you pay commissions only when affiliates bring you a paying customer.

Don't work until you die.. Use affiliate marketing and make others work for you!

Pro tip 1: Set up a lead capture system for affiliate traffic. That way you can get a lead even if it doesn’t convert into a sale immediately.

Pro tip 2: Invite your customers to become affiliates. Not everyone will go out and promote you, but those that do will be worth it. (And yes, the plugin can automatically turn all your customers — or any other WordPress users — into affiliates!)

Affiliate For WooCommerce

How is this different from other affiliate plugins for WordPress?

There are a handful of other affiliate plugins for WordPress. Most support WooCommerce and have been around for a while. Why choose Affiliate?

  • A super easy to understand, single-page UI. No more confusing terminology, clunky interfaces, or multi-screen processes for basic tasks.
  • Rock solid WooCommerce and Subscriptions support. Your affiliates don’t have to worry if their referral will be credited to them or not. You don’t have to spend hours reconciling numbers.
  • We’re user-focused. Even your junior staff can take care of month-to-month operations. That means less frustration, cost, and headaches for you.

Affiliate For WooCommerce

All the Features You Need

  • Easy to set up and manage. Single screen interface, no jargon.
  • Powerful affiliate system, runs everything automatically.
  • Use coupons for tracking referrals
  • Payout partners easily using PayPal MassPayout API
  • No site slowdowns, works on shared hosting – efficient code quality.
  • Unlimited affiliates, links, visits… You’re the boss!
  • Real-time, accurate and advanced reports. Order sync, conversion rate, other useful metrics.
  • Affiliate leaderboard shows you top-performing partners at a glance.
  • Percentage commissions, payout logs, gross/net commissions…
  • Set a storewide affiliate commission rate
  • Set different affiliate commission rates for different users. Flat rate or percentage. 25% for John, 35% for Erica, $5 for Matt…
  • Affiliates can register, generate links, and track commissions themselves.
  • Automatically turn your customers (or any other WordPress users) into affiliates.
  • Track product and customer level performance. Know who’s promoting what and how well!
  • One-click migration from “WordPress Affiliates” plugin.
  • Regular improvements and updates.
  • Developed by a top WooCommerce plugin partner.

Think about this…

Affiliate marketing will give you higher visibility, qualified traffic, higher SEO rankings, and higher revenue, and Affiliate for WooCommerce gives you full control over your own affiliate program. Pick your subscription today!


Go for it.

Affiliate for WooCommerce makes it effortless to set up and run your own affiliate partner program. It’s tightly integrated with WooCommerce and regularly updated with new features and compatibility. If you want a solid affiliate solution within WooCommerce, this is it.

Go ahead, buy it with confidence. 👍👍👍

Need any more reasons to buy? Affiliate for WooCommerce is built by StoreApps, a leading Extension developer. You can trust you’re getting high-quality code backed with first-class support.

Customer reviews

3.10 out of 5 stars - 10 reviews
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  1. ericmeyer72

    ericmeyer72 rated

    What do you think about this product?

    Right out of the box, this plugin seems pretty straight forward and easy to use.

    How could it be improved?

    It appears that only existing users can become affiliates if an administrator manually edits their user profile, or if an administrator sets a specific user role to automatically become affiliates. It does not look like users can enroll themselves as affiliates, unless the site admin sets a specific user role to automatically become affiliates. But, then you have to somehow allow users to designate their role either upon registration or afterwards. Regardless, of how it’s done, this aspect of the plugin seems a bit clunky.

    I would suggest some compatibility with Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin. I have users whose role is designated as “Wholesale” and I do not want these buyers to earn a commission on their own wholesale purchases. I only want to pay commissions on retail purchases. I need to be able to stop commissions on wholesale purchases.

    Regardless of these limitations described above, this plugin is a good value for what it does.

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