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Composite Products

Developed by SomewhereWarm
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(52 customer reviews)
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Composite Products

52 reviews  |   Developed by SomewhereWarm

A powerful kit-building solution for WooCommerce

Looking for a way to offer customizable product kits, such as custom computers, skateboards, gift-boxes, or made-to-order jewelry? Look no further!

Composite Products is an elegant, robust tool for creating powerful product configurators and kit-builders. Engineered specifically for kitting applications with advanced inventory management and scalability requirements, the Composite product type works great in a broad range of use cases, thanks to its:

Unclutter your workflow

Want to offer a custom skateboard? Start by creating its building blocks: A deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware for assembly. Then, populate each with options by choosing products — or categories — from your catalog. Finally, choose a flow and layout that will keep customers engaged — and start selling!

Composite Products supports simple & variable products, product bundles and even downloadable/virtual flavors of these product types, giving you an advanced set of tools to make almost anything possible.

A streamlined, personalized purchasing experience

Love the simplicity of variable products, but need a way to manage the inventory of each option? How about using a multi-page, multi-step layout to spread things out a bit and show more detail?

With multiple layouts and option styles to choose from, every Composite product can be quickly adapted to offer a streamlined, personalized purchasing experience.

Features that scale

Got thousands of decks, trucks and wheels in your skateshop catalog? Sure enough, you’ll want to offer them all in the custom skateboard configurator you just built!

No problem — choose a paginated, responsive options view to make browsing more fun, and help customers find exactly what they are looking for by enabling product sorting/filtering controls.

Conditional flows and dependent options

Composite Products brings advanced conditional logic at your fingertips: Use scenarios to control the visibility of entire configuration steps or individual options.

Too many rules to input manually? More variables to account for? Need to trigger custom conditional actions? Its extendable architecture and developer-friendly documentation have established Composite Products as a great starting point for any demanding kit-building project.

An extendable, adaptable architecture

Almost there, but not quite? Check out our growing collection of snippets and mini-extensions for some of the most commonly-requested customizations!

Out of luck? Not yet! Composite Products includes an impressive arsenal of action and filter hooks for customizing every detail of its behavior.

Looking for REST API support? We got your back there, as well!

Is Composite Products right for you?

Composite Products is suitable for creating advanced product kits that consist of multiple components with several product options. If you want to create simple product packages with static content, Product Bundles might be a better option. Note that Product Bundles can be nested in components to build even more complex configurators.

WooCommerce provides even more ways to sell products in kits, such as Grouped Products, Chained Products and Force Sells. Can’t figure out which extension is right for your store? We’ve written a handy comparison to help you decide.

Customer reviews

4.85 out of 5 stars - 52 reviews
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  1. elaine meszaros

    elaine meszaros rated

    What do you think about this product?

    It took some doing, but this plugin let me add all sorts of levels of product options. Over two dozen different combos are tucked neatly into one product. Support was TERRIFIC!

    How could it be improved?

    Initial documentation is incredibly dense and confusing. In particular, having to use other products as options -as opposed to the standard attributes – can be really tricky to understand. However, the support staff answered all of my questions, sent me screen shots, function code and we got it all to work in the end. So if they create some more sample set-ups in their documentation, and maybe some videos, I think users will be far less frustrated getting started.

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  2. solostrength

    solostrength rated

    What do you think about this product?

    Fixed a critical need for my store - inventory and shipping

    How could it be improved?

    A key function that I needed for our store was provided with this plugin and the support has been excellent in terms of responsiveness and solutions. Thank you!

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  3. susitec

    susitec rated

    What do you think about this product?

    It is dine product, but suffers from customization and other things.

    How could it be improved?

    That plugin could really use improvement. So called preset builder for products. So that people could select product preset they like and customize ( select components ) based on preset.

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