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Add purchase price, cost and cost of goods to your products / variations. New prices are calculated and suggested based on these values using your Markup (profit margin). These values give you direct control over your store’s profits and revenue. With the included table editor and its bulk features, you can easily add and update all these values. In addition, you can seamlessly update inventory, see value at cost, sales value and total profit. The price selector (NEW) give you several options to automatically calculate and view: retail value, value at cost and profit based on the price you select (i.e inc.VAT).

Cost & Reports includes valuable and unique sales reports. The reports show in detail your actual profits and income, not just bestsellers, but down to product or variation level. Retrieve reports by predefined or a selected date range, see your acceptable profit (green background marking) and unacceptable profit (red background marking). Download reports as .csv or Export table data (based on your filters) for further processing in applications such as MS Excel or Apple Numbers.

In short, Cost & Reports:

  • Adds vital information on your store profit and revenue.
  • Add valuable fields to your product / variations like: purchase price, cost, shipping, cost of goods and Markup.
  • Help you make more accurate prices for your store (with cost of goods and Markup).
  • History editable meta data is added to your order lines (purchase price and cost of goods).
  • A table editor that help you bulk add / update your costs, profit margins, prices, stock and more.
  • Range filter for all numeric columns in the editor NEW
  • Export functions (as .CSV or .xlsx)
  • Price selector for regular price and current price (inc. and ex. VAT)
    • Coloured border (gold) on products ON SALE NEW
    • Coloured font (blue) on prices inc. VAT NEW
    • Calculates Value at cost, Retail value and Profit based on the price selector NEW
  • Reports per order, customers and product / variation (table view). Including:
    • Search / filter by, date ranges, averages, profits, net sales, taxes, sidebar with summary information and bestsellers.
    • Bestsellers with information like profit, sales and turnover.
    • Product reports that dynamically calculates while filtering.
    • Export as .csv file
    • Export table to .xlsx (MS Excel or Apple Numbers)
    • Live reports and counter (new orders)
  • Compatible with Products, Variations, Subscriptions, Cost of goods, Bulk Table Editor, Order Status Manager and more
  • POT file for translations (English, German NEW and Norwegian)

Table Editor

Cost & Reports - editor home

Cost & Reports powerful table editor empowers you to efficiently update and manage vital product information in bulk. Easily modify purchase price, cost, shipping cost, cost of goods, Markup, Price, and Stock with a few clicks. Cost & Reports automatically suggests accurate prices based on item costs and markups.

The table editor let you:

  • Display individual and total cost values, retail values, and profits for enhanced financial visibility.
  • Effortlessly search and filter data using multiple options, including a convenient range filter for numeric columns.NEW
  • Customize your view by showing or hiding ID and SKU information.
  • Sort data seamlessly by column, enabling swift data analysis.
  • Highlights your on-sale items with a striking gold-colored border in the price column.
  • Export data to CSV files, compatible with MS Excel or Apple Numbers, or export the entire table as a .xlsx file.


Easy Access to Bulk Functions!

Cost & Reports - bulk functions

Did you know that Cost & Reports offers bulk functions for most of its columns? This means that you can make changes across multiple rows with just a few clicks.

For example, let’s say you want to increase the “other cost” value by 10 for all products. Simply type 10 in the input field, select “increase fixed amount,” and watch as Cost & Reports adds 10 to every row. Our plugin then adds this value to the cost of goods and suggests a new price for each product.

If you’re happy with the new prices, just click the “save all” button, and the changes will be applied to your selected products. But what if your new price comes out to a number like 12.37, and you want to round it to a cleaner price like 12.40? No problem! Cost & Reports offers a round function that adjusts the price to your preferred value. The markup is then automatically adjusted to match your new price.

Add cost and purchase price from product page

On the product page or on every variation of the product you can add purchase price and cost of goods. Cost & Reports offers a bulk editor function that enables you to quickly make changes across multiple products and variations. Whether you want to update purchase prices or costs of goods, the editor makes it easy to do so in just a few clicks.

Prices and cost / profit calculations

As a merchant, it’s important to have control over your product pricing, including adjustments for VAT. With Cost & Reports, you can easily adjust prices to include VAT and convert them to regular prices without any extra work.

The extension offers the option to select “Regular price inc. VAT,” which automatically converts the price to regular price ex. VAT in the New price column. This feature allows you to set up selling prices like $19.90 (inc. VAT) with ease.

In addition to this feature, you can also select regular price ex. VAT (the default) and choose between displaying the current price of your products in inc. VAT or ex. VAT. If a product is ON SALE, the price field will be highlighted with a gold-colored border.

With Cost & Reports, pricing your products has never been easier. The plugin automatically calculates the value at cost, retail value, and profit for you. If the price includes VAT, the values will be displayed in dark blue, while ex. VAT prices are displayed in black.

Range Filter

Cost & Reports advanced range filter allows you to effortlessly refine and narrow down your search based on various key metrics. Whether you’re focusing on purchase price, cost, shipping cost, cost of goods, Markup, Price, stock, value at cost, retail value, or profit, our intuitive select dropdown box enables seamless switching between filters.

Simply select the desired filter, specify the range, and let Cost & Reports do the rest. Instantly explore data within specific thresholds to identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize your store’s performance. And if you want to start fresh, the reset button clears the filter and brings you back to the complete dataset.

Reports per Order

This report view shows all sales in a date range, set your own range using the date selectors or use the predefined ranges. In the table, you will find order ID (links to the order page), customer, role, date, status, quantity of items, profit, cost of goods, net sales and taxes for the selected period. On the right side of the table you find the key values and averages from the period. Color indicators in the table for high and low profit are also included, these can be easily adjusted in the settings. Use the “search in rows” to filter the reports, filter in order id, customer, role and date. The role column is added to support role-based extensions like Roles & Rules B2B.

Report per Product/Variation

The products view has the same features for selecting date ranges and the download .csv button. This table starting by showing averages then order id, category (link to edit products in category), product/variation name, SKU, quantity, price (when purchased), net sale and profit (including percent). Sort the columns as you like. On the right side of the table is a top products in period based on quantity and profit. And other key values and averages from the selected period.

Reports by Customer

Customer report

This report is set up so you can get some more information about the orders by customers. Here you will easy find the name, company, e.mail and phone if you need to contact the customer or want to export this information. In addition you find shipping, order total, total tax, items purchased, currency, country and the payment method. Use the row filter to sum up values for a customer or a company.

Row search and automatic calculations

Use the “search in rows” filter to get your selection of products/variations in the Products report. You can use order id, category, product and SKU when you want to filter in your product reports. When you filter you the plugin automatically update averages, best sellers, totals and more so you easy can se your gross sales and profit for your selection.

Live reports

The reports now give you an automatic counter for new orders, you also have the option to update the reports automatically (option in settings). You can use this view, for example, as a live report and see the numbers and sold products updated throughout the day.

History Added To Order Items

CYP - order lines history

When customers purchase your products, Cost & Reports will add cost of goods and purchase price to each order line. This means that you will be able to see and edit what you bought the item for and cost of goods when you sold your products. This means that historically correct profits will be shown in the extension reports. (Cost of goods and purchase price on order items is for internal use)

Export Reports

There are two buttons for export Download (.csv) and Export table. The first one gets all your data from the database, the Export table will just export what you see in the table. This means that you can filter and sort, and when your selection is OK, just click export and you get a .xlsx file. This opens in MS Excel and Apple Numbers. Below image shows the export result.


Already Using Cost of Goods for Your Products?

If you are already using the cost of goods field for your products, then just go to settings > integration and enter the cost of goods field; Cost & Reports will use this value for cost of goods in related calculations. If you do not have this plugin, Cost & Reports by default creates a cost of goods field that is used on all your products. More information about this integration is available in the documentation.

Using Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce?

If you work with prices in one category and want to set up sales, the “set up sales” link lets you jump to Bulk Table Editor and set up sales in the same category. More information about your prices and profit will enable giving you the ability to make better decisions when setting up sales on your products. Integration is done automatically.

Key Features

  • Bulk functions for every price field, markup field, and stock quantity.
  • Automatically calculate as you enter values in the table or use bulk functions.
  • Control mechanism for prices and negative profit values.
  • Option to use inc. VAT prices NEW
  • Adds purchase price and cost of goods fields to your existing products.
  • Use Shipping cost to calculate cost of goods.
  • Totals for stock, value at cost, retail value, and profit are shown in table.
  • Search and filter functions that enable you to bulk set prices for a selection of products.
  • Function to erase input fields for calculations.
  • Progress bar when saving.
  • Clear 0.00 values when in-focus (mouse over), this makes it fast to set correct values when null
  • Bulk delete products and variations.
  • Undo changes NEW
  • Download/Export (.CSV) file per category or all products. Includes calculations and last changed date.
  • Supports multi-site network setup.
  • Reports per order, customer and product.
    • Reports per order.
    • Reports per product/variation.
    • Export to .csv file (database export).
    • Export table (.xlsx)
    • Color indicators for high and low profit percent.
    • Search in rows with automatic calculations.
    • Counter and option for automatic updates of new orders NEW

The extension is compatible with

  • WooCommerce products and variations
  • WooCommerce subscription and variations



  • English (default)
  • Norwegian
  • German
  • POT file for easy translating to other languages

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