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Cybersource SOP

Developed by SkyVerge
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Cybersource SOP

Developed by SkyVerge

Information & Requirements

  • An SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe, and minimize PCI scope.
  • eChecks only available for USD / CAD transactions.
View documentation for more info
Heads up! We’re retiring this plugin in favor of the updated WooCommerce CyberSource plugin with the latest features. If you are a new customer, please check out that plugin instead!

Securely Accept Credit Card Payments via CyberSource

The WooCommerce CyberSource SA SOP Payment Gateway handles all the steps in the secure transaction while remaining virtually transparent, significantly reducing your security responsibilities. Customers complete their order on your site, then payment details are redirected through CyberSource’s servers, ensuring that CyberSource handles the bulk of security while it appears that customers never leave your site.

WooCommerce CyberSource SOP Checkout Form
CyberSource SOP Checkout Form

CyberSource SA SOP Features:

  • Accept payments with the world’s first eCommerce payment management company
  • Uses CyberSource’s Secure Acceptance protocol for reduced PCI compliance scope
  • Maximize security by redirecting checkout through CyberSource’s secure servers
  • Accept electronic check payments in US or Canadian dollars NEW
  • Accepts all Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club, JCB, Maestro
  • Country-specific cards accepted for global processors
  • Charge cards immediately, or authorize transactions to capture from your CyberSource account later
  • Force charges for orders with only virtual items instead of authorizing them NEW

Ease & Security

CyberSource SA SOP (Secure Acceptance – Silent Order Post) provides an ideal balance between integration and security: the payment form is posted directly to secure CyberSource servers, meaning that from the customer’s perspective, they don’t appear to leave your store during the checkout process. Because credit card data is never handled by your server, the more complex PCI requirements are avoided.

WooCommerce CyberSource SOP Payment Gateway Configure Redirect URLs
CyberSource SOP Config Redirect urls

Process eCheck Payments – NEW

We’ve combined the CyberSource SA SOP and eCheck gateways to provide eCheck support for merchants (if enabled in your CyberSource account).

WooCommerce CyberSource eCheck Checkout Form
CyberSource eCheck Checkout Form

Process Payments with a Leader in Fraud Management

CyberSource was the world’s first eCommerce payment management company, and provides medium to large businesses (over $3 million in online processing) with an excellent payment processing option. CyberSource serves half of the companies comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average. As a result, they are a pioneer in fraud-management.

How to Get Started:

  1. Buy this extension 🙂
  2. Download and install into your WooCommerce store
  3. Login to your CyberSource account (contact CyberSource if you don’t already have an account) and grab your API ID/Key
  4. Save this information on the settings page
  5. That’s it! Sit back and enjoy secure payment processing!
Please see the CyberSource Payment Gateway Comparison Chart of the available options to help decide which option is best for you. If you still would like further assistance with this decision, please contact CyberSource as they are best suited to help with this.

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