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Eway for WooCommerce

by  Eway
Take credit card payments securely via Eway (AU and NZ) keeping customers on your site.

Take credit card and subscription payments directly on your store with Eway

The Eway extension for WooCommerce allows you to accept credit card payments directly through your store without redirecting your customers to a third party site to make payment. Everything happens on your site without the customer ever leaving.

WooCommerce eWAY Rapid 3.1

WooCommerce eWay Token Payments

Eway for WooCommerce supports tokenization, which allows customers to save credit cards for future purchases. The gateway also supports WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Refunds API, WooCommerce Memberships and WooCommerce Bookings.

Eway is a leading provider of online payments solutions with a presence in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.


Why use Eway for WooCommerce?

  • Process Credit Cards and all major debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, and JCB.
  • Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions,  WooCommerce Refunds API, WooCommerce Memberships and WooCommerce Bookings.
  • Detect and prevent fraud with Eway’s built-in robust fraud prevention toolkit designed to protect your sales and your customers, easily and affordably, through your WooCommerce store.
  • Supports 3D Secure Version 1 and 2 (coming soon).
  • Is fully PCI compliant as per Eway’s specifications.
  • Adds support for processing subscription payments as well as token payments allowing customers to save credit cards for future purchases.
  • Using Eway’s Rapid 3.1 API there is a single endpoint for processing payment, meaning you only need this one extension to take payment through any of Eway’s processing countries, Eway Australia, Eway New Zealand, Eway SE Asia. Eway uses complex DNS technology to ensure your payment is routed to the correct country.
  • Ability to host promotional flash sales in real time
  • Generate discount coupons for your customers to help with special promotions
  • Product reviews from your customers
  • Automatic up-sells and cross-sells
  • Intuitive order management suite

Account & Pricing

An Eway Account is required to use this extension and additional fees apply.  To set up an account or view the installation guide please visit the Eway website.

Explore how to setup Eway and WooCommerce

Integration Features

Seamless Payment Tools

Get access to a range of powerful, flexible payment tools that make it easy to customise your checkout experience to suit your industry, your business and your customers.

3DS Secure

3D Secure is integrated directly into the Eway extension for WooCommerce – these handle the 3D Secure process without requiring any additional development!

PCI Compliance

Eway’s WooCommerce extension uses Eway’s Client Side Encryption library to encrypt card data before the server handles it – making PCI compliance easier. Learn More

Flexibility at the checkout

Choose whether customers are able to edit their saved card details, or if they must contact you to do this for them.

Payment Methods

Token Payments

Token Payments provides merchants with a safe and secure method of storing card data. This feature allows you to save customer card information securely on Eway’s PCI-DSS environment. 

Digital Wallets

Eway supports a range of digital wallets including Click to Pay (Visa, American Express).  Click to Pay is a faster, frictionless online checkout as customers are able to quickly pay whenever they see the Click to Pay icon  Click To Pay  (where American Express or Visa is accepted). Mastercard Masterpass is also supported.


Accept additional currencies and charge in your customer’s native currencies, helping you expand internationally and tap into lucrative overseas markets.

Flexible Refunds

You can choose to process either a Full or Partial Refund within your WooCommerce store.

Supports Partial Invoicing

When paired with pre-authorisation or token payments.

Fraud Prevention

Eway provides every WooCommerce user exclusive access to three different levels of advanced fraud prevention suited to different industries, businesses and transaction volumes. 

Learn more about Fraud Prevention.

Eway Benefits

Easy Set Up

With our quick sign up and integration process, you can start transacting sooner and focus on sales by getting started with Eway in just a few clicks.

Fast Settlement

Payments are processed into your nominated account within 3 business days.

Low Transaction Fees

Enjoy low, flat rate transaction fees for both domestic and international credit cards.

Dedicated support team

Our friendly team of payment experts work around the clock to help you. Whether through email, live chat or 24-hour phone support, we are with you, every step of the way.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Every account receives built-in access to our robust fraud prevention toolkit designed to protect your sales and your customers, easily and affordably, through your WooCommerce store.

Rapid API

Powered by our Rapid API, Eway offers you flexible, easy-to-integrate payment methods so you can build a seamless payment experience on your WooCommerce store without unnecessary redirects or hassles.

PCI Compliance / Security Information

By integrating Eway, you can reduce the scope for PCI compliance using our Rapid API while offering a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

The following methods are built-in:

  • Transparent Redirect (SAQ A – EP)
  • Direct Connection (SAQ D)

At no time does this extension directly store card data in the WooCommerce store.

Test Eway before you go live

Did you know you can test your Eway extension before going live? A sandbox environment is available for both merchants and developers to validate their integration prior to going live. Contact one of our friendly staff members to get started today! 


What kind of sales reference can be found on Eway to link the WooCommerce order to the transaction?

The WooCommerce Order ID will be referenced in the Eway Invoice Number and Invoice Reference.

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