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Geolocation Based Products Filter for WooCommerce

Developed by Extendons
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Geolocation Based Products Filter for WooCommerce

Developed by Extendons

Geolocation based products filter for WooCommerce restricts and manages access to your website based on visitors’ IP addresses. It helps protect your online store by configuring its IP protocols, preventing unwanted or malicious audiences from accessing your website and blocking traffic from specific countries or regions where spam is more likely to originate. You can create rules to automate IP-based restrictions, implement them on specific pages or on your entire website, and create IP exceptions. You can also opt to redirect specific audiences to the pages of your choice. Finally, advanced settings let you schedule and prioritize restriction rules.

Features of Geolocation Based Products Filter for WooCommerce

  • Create rules to ban users by a country or region.
  • Auto-detect users’ location based on IP.
  • Ban access to your entire website from specific countries.
  • Restrict the display of products, categories, and pages.
  • Redirect banned users or show them a custom error message.
  • Whitelist specific IP addresses as exceptions to your rules.

Auto-detect user IPs based on location

The plugin automatically detects the physical location of site visitors in real time through their IP addresses. Automated processes validate and restrict users according to your preset protocols.

Add multiple rules to block users

Create custom rules and restrict users from certain countries or regions from accessing your WooCommerce store. Alternatively, apply restrictions to specific products and category pages. You can add a custom title to each rule and set each rule’s priority according to your needs.

geolocation plugin

Block specific regions and countries

You can completely block traffic from specific countries and regions: either ban a group of countries by selecting a region, or select specific countries to restrict access.

geolocation plugin

Block your entire website

You also have the option to block your entire website from being accessed from a specific region. This comes handy when you wish to target a wide audience while preventing an entire region from accessing your store.

geolocation plugin

Hide specific products and categories

In cases where you don’t want to restrict access to your entire site, you can still make specific product and category pages inaccessible to visitors from the regions or countries you choose.

geolocation plugin

Hide pages

Just like products and categories, you can also restrict access to specific pages. This option is useful when you want to limit certain options, offers, and features to people from selected countries or regions.

geolocation plugin

Redirect restricted users or display a custom message

With GEO IP Ultimate Lock, you can set a redirection URL for blocked pages, or add a custom message to display when visitors are denied access. You can make the user experience less frustrating by redirecting audiences from restricted countries or regions to other relevant pages or by explaining the reason for their inability to visit a page or view a product.

geoip location for woocommerce

Add IP exceptions to whitelist specific users

If you don’t want to enforce a universal ban on an entire country or region, GEO IP Ultimate Lock also lets you override your preset rules for specific users who you want to be able to access your website.

geoip location for woocommerce

Create a schedule for your rules

Plan ahead: schedule custom restriction rules for specific periods of time. Use this option to automatically limit traffic from a country or a region for any number of days; at the end of this period, visitors from those places will once again enjoy access to your website.

geoip location for woocommerce

With the Geolocation based products filter for WooCommerce, you can streamline the process of setting IP-based access to your online store — without losing the power to get granular and specific in your choices.

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