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Drive traffic to your store with Google Ads & Marketing by Kliken

Get in front of shoppers and drive traffic to your store so you can grow your business with Smart Shopping Campaigns and free listings

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Google Ads & Marketing by Kliken

Developed by Kliken
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(96 customer reviews)

Google Ads & Marketing by Kliken

96 reviews  |   Developed by Kliken

Get your products in front of the millions of shoppers searching on Google

Google Ads & Marketing by Kliken is the easiest way to promote your products to interested shoppers across Google so you can get discovered on any budget. 

About Google Ads & Marketing

Kliken’s Google Ads & Marketing manages and automates everything you need to get your products on Google for $10/month. It helps eligible merchants:

  • Create or link a Google Merchant Center Account 
  • Optimize Smart Product feeds with daily inventory sync 
  • Access free listings on surfaces across Google and the Google Shopping Tab
  • Run paid Smart Shopping campaigns to promote products across Google, Gmail, YouTube and the Display Network

How it works

Create or link your Google Merchant Center Account

We help you create or link your Woo store to the necessary accounts needed to get your products on Google. We also continue to optimize and manage these accounts so you don’t have to.

Optimize Smart Product feeds with daily inventory sync

Keeping your inventory up-to-date is easy with our automated product feed and daily syncs so you can make sure shoppers are only seeing your in-stock products when they find you on Google. 

Access free listings on the Google Shopping tab and surfaces across Google

When eligible merchants sign up for Google Ads & Marketing by Kliken, they are automatically opted into free listings so that they can potentially show up on surfaces across Google or the Google Shopping tab to drive free traffic to their approved products.

Learn more about free listings here and access the help center here.

Run paid Smart Shopping Campaigns to show up across Google Shopping, Search, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network

Smart Shopping campaigns help increase your sales and revenue by displaying your products to interested shoppers strategically across Google to drive traffic and sales.

Select which categories you want to advertise and the extension will generate Google Smart Shopping feeds that automatically manage ad creation, targeting, bidding, budget allocation, sales and conversions.

Start today and take advantage of this special offer from Google

As a Google Partner, WooCommerce can offer new advertisers ad credits. Spend $150 within 31 days and automatically get an additional $150 worth of advertising credit* (See terms and conditions).

What are the benefits of Smart Shopping campaigns?

  • Grow your sales: Our customers see a 7X return on ad spend
  • Expand your reach: Your products will show up in front of shoppers across the Google Display Network, Shopping, Search, YouTube, Gmail, plus you only pay when users click on your ad
  • Track performance: Track your sales performance and campaign results in your Woo store

Google Ads & Marketing Pricing

The Kliken automation fee is $10 per month

The automation fee covers everything you need to be successful on Google Ads & Marketing.

You can also choose your ads budget for Smart Shopping Campaigns

We have seen the most success with merchants who start with the $300 budget so your feed can go through proper machine learning optimization and get better qualified leads.


The Kliken team is here to help you. Please send an email to or call Toll Free: 877-474-8394 or +1-813-279-8888.


What if my store is not approved and I have already paid?
We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If we can’t get your store approved on Google Ads & Marketing in 30 days we will refund 100% of your money.

What countries are available for Google Ads & Marketing?
Learn more about which countries offer Google Ads & Marketing at this time here.

How does billing work?
Your Kliken automation fee and any Smart Shopping campaigns you run are billed monthly to help keep your product ads online. You will be billed the same amount each time for the package level you choose. This way you know the exact costs of your campaign each month.

If you are running a Smart Shopping campaign your ads will start serving as soon as your store is approved on Google Ads & Marketing. Once your store is approved on Google Ads & Marketing your monthly budget will be served on a daily basis for the next 30 days, making sure your marketing is evenly distributed through the 30 day period and also that you never go over budget. Your subscription auto renews 30 days after your ads start generating clicks unless you cancel it.

If for some reason your store does not get approved we will refund you 100% of your money.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Google Ads & Marketing is a contract free service. You can cancel your subscription at any time under the Manage section. When a campaign is cancelled, it will continue to run the remainder of the billed month, or until it has used the remaining Google Ads & Marketing balance.


There are a few basic requirements to get approved for Google Ads & Marketing. Making sure your store meets these basic requirements can help with getting your products on Google faster. These policies are meant to ensure customers have a great shopping experience in your WooCommerce store!

  • Return and refund policy: include a return and refund policy page that is clear and easy to find (e.g. link to policy in website footer or header). More info here. (Whether your store provides returns/refunds is OK! Just make sure to clearly state this)
  • Contact information: include accurate contact information, including 2 of the 3: email, phone number, or physical address. More info here.
  • Listing available payment methods before checkout with text or icons

You can learn more about all the Google Ads & Marketing policies and how to help your store get approved here.

Terms & Conditions

*Valid only for new Kliken customers. Promotional codes have no promotional value and entry of the promotional code serves only to begin your qualification for the associated promotional credit. To earn the promotional credit, start advertising! The advertising costs you accrue in this account in the 31 days following the start of your campaign will be matched with advertising credit in the same amount, up to a maximum value of $150. Your account must be successfully billed by Kliken and remain in good standing in order to qualify for the promotional credit. The promotional credit will be applied within approximately 5 days after the 31st day of starting your campaign, as long as you’ve activated your account using the promotional code and fulfilled all requirements stated in the offer. For the complete terms and conditions, click here.

Please be aware that Automattic and our partners SiteWit/Kliken and Google have access to business metrics for each user so that Kliken can optimize each account. This data includes views, clicks, conversions, cost per click, cost, and revenue.

Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars - 96 reviews
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  1. 3326437

    dynastybuilder rated

    I made sales within the first week of going live with my ad campaigns, which was promising. Getting initially set up, however, was a little disappointing as there was some back-and-forth with getting my Google Merchant Account to be active. It took well over a week. Even now, there are some issues with products I’ve removed from my store being repopulated in my product feeds and being disapproved (because they don’t exist on my site any longer).

    Receiving upsell emails for a higher spend on paid campaigns is a little worrying, too. It makes you think that what you’ve paid so far is of little value.

    This plugin has great potential. I just wish it could be more easily realised.

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  2. 1059772

    Yvette rated

    Works well - however it is very expensive for small businesses

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  3. 1965911

    Brian D. Oakes rated

    ** UPDATE Since my initial review, the module developer reached out to me and was very polite and professional. Although at this moment I will not be moving forward with this module, as I spent the time waiting and just set up my own Google Merchant Center / Ads account and figure let me take a crack at it. But they were very pleasant and responsive, so perhaps I will come back to them in a short time after I have taken my shot at it. If / when that happens I will update my review again, for now I am moving the star from 1 to 3 for neutral. ------------------- What i didn't like was that the company kept sending me emails to sign up with then, i finally create an account, sync my products and had a few pre sales questions for them but they never responded to any of my numerous emails. I am certainly not going to spend $150-$300 a month with a company that can't even respond.

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  4. 2643620

    ccmavocado rated

    Easy to use but still waiting on a return on investment. 1.6x ROI does not even cover the cost of goods. As usual with internet stuff, human labor is not rewarded. The robots will get rich but don’t expect real humans to benefit from any of this.

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  5. 1649115

    Jorick van Raalten rated

    A few weeks going, it's not matching our google ads and google analytics data..

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  6. 1698982

    Amy Hale rated

    I do like that it brings in additional revenue.

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