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Inspiration Laboratory


Inspiration Laboratory is a quirky, playful design with colorful, personable cartoons, a functional three-column layout, and support for several Post Formats — a great choice for a tumblelog or personal site.

Standard Package


$399 All Themes Package

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This fun theme includes an optional character avatar in the secondary sidebar, which can be selected in the Theme Options.


Custom Headers

Inspiration Laboratory comes with twelve default header images in a variety of character styles. Pick the one that best fits your mood, or randomize them for a different header each time you visit your site!


Post Formats

An example of the “Image” post format
An example of the “Image” post format

Inspiration Laboratory supports the Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery, and Audio Post Formats, allowing you to easily create a tumblelog of your favorite finds.

Each supported Post Format has a special icon or style to distinguish it from the rest.


forefront-connectIf you install Jetpack, you can easily display links to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Tumblr in your site’s footer.


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