Add FAQs to product pages to give your customers quick access to product information

Product FAQs is a simple WooCommerce extension for small stores that allows you to add frequently asked questions (FAQs) to the products within your store. Visitors to your website can then view these FAQs while browsing the products within your website.

Customers can click a question and the corresponding answer appears below the question. You can add an unlimited number of questions and answers to each of your products within your website. Product FAQs works and looks great across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Read on to find out why you should use Product FAQs and the great features included…

Liam, an eCommerce store owner said:
“Awesome little extension that allows me to add frequently asked questions and answers to products in my store and was very easy to setup! 🙂”

Why use Product FAQs?

  • Adds an FAQs option to manage FAQs when adding/editing a product
  • FAQs displays within the existing tabs on product pages
  • Accordion style display with animation
  • Works with all product types
  • Move FAQs up and down and remove them easily
  • No limit on amount of FAQs added
  • Various filters for custom development
  • All elements have a unique ID and/or classes for custom CSS styling

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For technical details view the documentation.

Product FAQs is purposely designed as a simple FAQ solution for small stores, if you require extensive FAQ management and bulk updates/imports of FAQs we recommend looking for an alternative product.


Includes these great features…


FAQs are managed via the FAQs tab when adding/editing products.


Adds FAQs to the existing tabs on product pages for easy access.


See the extension in action…

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Frequently asked questions and answers…

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For technical details view the documentation.

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Example usage

Tina manages a WooCommerce store selling camping equipment, she found she receives similar queries related to specific products each day. With Product FAQs she can easily add FAQs when adding/editing products within her store. This significantly reduces the amount of pre-sales enquiries received and increases conversions as customers no longer have to wait for an answer on whether a product is suitable before deciding to purchase.


  • Minimum PHP version: 7.0.0
  • Minimum WordPress version: 5.2.0
  • Minimum WooCommerce version: 4.2.0

Please note with any new extension it is recommended you test the extension on a staging/development environment before use on your production website.

Getting started

Please note that is recommended you connect your store to your account, this ensures you get extension updates when released and can access support quickly.

About the developer

We are 99w, we have extensive experience in WooCommerce development. All our extensions are coded to WordPress and WooCommerce coding standards as defined by WooCommerce for third party extensions to adhere to. Every release is automatically checked to conform to these coding standards before deployment for your piece of mind. You can find out more about us and the other WooCommerce extensions we have developed using the button below.

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