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Product Price Before & After Text

Developed by 99w
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Product Price Before & After Text

Developed by 99w

Augment your product pricing by adding text before or after your product price to highlight unit cost and offers, giving your customers the information they need to make a purchase.

If you sell products in specific units, use this extension to provide additional information on prices or to highlight offers. Let’s say you sell carpets by the square meter. With this extension you can display your pricing as $5.00 per sq m, so that the customer immediately understands your pricing model and can calculate the total cost. If you have special offers on specific products you can easily add this information to the pricing display. For example: Limited Time: $5.00 per sq m. This ensures the customer understands your pricing and improves the likelihood of purchase.

Features & Benefits

Product Price Before & After Text allows you to add highly visible detail to product pricing. You can manage this information quickly and easily by assigning it to all products within specific categories or apply more granular management by assigning it to individual products. It works with all product types. You can assign text to:

  • The product page and product archive display.
  • Individual products.
  • All products within specific product categories.


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How It Works

When editing a product, you’ll find a ‘Before Price Text’ and ‘After Price Text’ field in the ‘Product Data > Inventory’ section. Fill in one or both of these fields and save the product. Now your product will display the text entered on the product page and product archive pages (such as product categories).

If you don’t want to apply before/after price text to all products within a specific category simply add/edit a product category in WooCommerce. You’ll see the same fields. All products within that category will be assigned your before/after price text.

Remember that before/after price text set at product level takes priority over the category level text.

Example Before Price Text Usage

  • $5.00 any custom text
  • $5.00 per unit
  • $5.00 per square metre
  • $5.00 per roll
  • $5.00 per bottle
  • $5.00 per garment
  • $5.00 with free extras
  • $5.00 including warranty
  • $5.00 including guarantee
  • $5.00 with free gift
  • $5.00 Today Only
  • $5.00 This Week Only
  • $5.00 This Month Only
  • $5.00 Just for Today

Example After Price Text Usage

  • Any custom text $5.00
  • Buy Now for $5.00
  • Get Yours for $5.00
  • Special offer at $5.00
  • Awesome deal: $5.00
  • Limited Time Price: $5.00
  • Christmas Deal: $5.00
  • Hot Deal: $5.00
  • Only Today: $5.00
  • Introductory Price of $5.00
  • Discount Ends Soon: $5.00
  • Hurry now just $5.00

Example Before & After Price Text Usage

  • Any custom text $5.00 any custom text
  • Buy it now: $5.00 per sq m
  • Just $5.00 per bottle
  • Only $5.00 per pack
  • Get yours for $5.00 & free shipping
  • Now $5.00 with free gift
  • Wow! $5.00 and free returns
  • Deal: $5.00 (Limited Time)

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