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Quick Checkout for WooCommerce

Developed by FantasticPlugins
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Quick Checkout for WooCommerce

Developed by FantasticPlugins

Quick Checkout for WooCommerce allows users to complete purchases quickly with the following tools:

1. Buy Now Button

Customers can skip the cart page and quickly complete a purchase by using the Buy Now button.

2. Multiple Addresses

Customers can save multiple addresses in their account, saving time at checkout by choosing from their saved addresses instead of inputting a new one.


1. Reduces Cart Abandonment

Offering ways to quickly complete a purchase can help reduce cart abandonment.

2. Offers Convenience to the Users

Customers who are in a hurry can quickly complete their purchase by using the Buy Now buttons and pre-saved addresses.

How Buy Now Works

The Buy Now button will be visible on the following pages:

– Shop Page, Category Page, and Tag Pages
– Single Product Pages

Shop/Category/Tag Pages

Single Product Page

Users can also update the quantity from the checkout page.

How Multiple Addresses Works

Registered users can add multiple addresses to their address book from their My Account > Addresses section by clicking Add New Address.

Add New Address

Users can add multiple billing & shipping addresses based on their needs.

Multiple Addresses Saved In User’s Account

During checkout, users can choose their preferred address from the list of addresses displayed for both billing and shipping.

Address Selection in Checkout Page

The site admin can view the addresses saved by their customers from the Quick Checkout > Multiple Address > Saved Address.

Features Offered

1) Buy Now

i) Supported Product Types

– Simple Product
– Simple Subscription
– Variable Product
– Variable Subscription

ii) Multiple positions

The Buy Now button can be displayed in 3 different positions on the site.

iii) Restriction

You can restrict the Buy Now button for specific products & categories and Specific Users and User roles.

iv) Shortcode Support

You can display the Buy Now button for specific products using a shortcode

v) Button Style

Button design, color & text color can be customized

2) Multiple Addresses

i) Addresses

Multiple billing & shipping addresses can be saved from the user account.

ii) Supported Address Display Methods

– List
– Grid

iii) Restriction

You can restrict the number of addresses that can be saved.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6


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