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Sales Analysis for WooCommerce

Sales Analysis for WooCommerce offers reporting for Marketers & Managers. Get insights on key metrics, international sales, revenue, product and customer trends.

Sales Analysis for Managers and Marketers

Get in-depth views on fundamental Business Intelligence. Focused on sales and net revenue trends, regional analysis, product market, and customer trends.

Evaluate the economic performance of your business. Recognize trends and take appropriate decisions. Get the help that your management needs with Sales Analysis for WooCommerce. As a manager or assistant, you will get essential reporting tools that use accurate real-time data. Discover trends and optimize the profit margin of your business.

As a manager, you will use these analyses to measure and improve your sales strategy. Enhance the customer base of your business by identifying key products. Learn about your best-selling products and their market potential. Detect areas that offer windows of improvement. Focus on more profitable regions and segments.

The Sales Analysis tools we provide, help sales and product management substantially to understand which products, segments, and regions are successful in important marketing campaigns.

WooCommerce Sales Analysis – Get the Insights. Discover the Trends. Optimize your Sales Revenue. Detect Opportunities. Focus on profitable Regions and Product Segments.

Get reports with fitting data for any desired period of time. Fine-tune them to any mix of products, product categories, and countries. Obtain relevant data per currency, with shops that use more than one. Each report features intuitive charts and pie charts. The reports show relevant data also in tabular form along with the charts. Reports also provide the option to export data for further external processing.

Sales Analysis for WooCommerce – Reports Overview

WooCommerce Sales Analysis – A slideshow presenting views froms different reports

Your sales analysis reports are available on the WordPress Dashboard under WooCommerce > Reports > Analysis.

The Analysis tab with the different reports from the WooCommerce Sales Analysis extension
The Analysis tab and its reports are available under WooCommerce > Reports Analysis.

The reports reflect data based on the following:

  • Data from orders that are processing or completed is taken into account.
  • Revenues represent net amounts, excluding taxes, shipping, and taxes on shipping.

Each report presents its data for a given time period. Standard time periods include the last 7 days, the current month, last month and the current year. You can also use custom date ranges in your reports. Furthermore, each report’s main chart visualizes the data shown in its respective table.

The results can pinpoint particular products, product categories, and countries. Furthermore, if your shop uses more than one currency, each report shows data based on the currency chosen.

Your reports allow exporting their data, which is also presented in tabular form below their charts.

Below you can see a brief overview of the available reports in Sales Analysis for WooCommerce. In addition, please also have a look at the documentation where each report is discussed in detail.

Order Analysis

The Order Analysis report shows how the number of orders evolves over time.

WooCommerce Sales Analysis – A view on the Order Analysis

Lead a successful enterprise using key metrics. Discover trends and where the business is headed to in terms of sales and revenue. Use reports that focus on trends and how sales develop over time, and hence, obtain valuable insights:

  • Order Analysis
  • Revenue Analysis

These reports help to reveal trends in order volumes. They also help to see where a firm is heading to in terms of order numbers and revenue.

Revenue Analysis

The Revenue Analysis provides a key view of the income that a business creates. It is based on the net sales considered over a period of time. Get a clear outlook on where your business is headed towards, based on current and historic sales data.

WooCommerce Sales Analysis – A view on the Revenue Analysis

Customer Analysis

The Customer Analysis provides an in-depth view of the number of customers a business has. You can also see important related key metrics. For instance, this report conveys vital information on where a business’ customers are. It also reveals how much they spend on average and whether there is repeat-business.

WooCommerce Sales Analysis – A view on the Customer Analysis

Sales by Country

For your international business, it is certainly vital to grasp regional aspects of sales and revenue. Use the report on Sales by Country which furthermore outlines a very clear picture. Know exactly where your orders and customers come from.

WooCommerce Sales Analysis – A view on the Sales by Country

Products by Country

Product-centered reports yield insights into where the markets for your products are and to what extent:

  • Products by Country
  • Product Revenue
  • Unit Sales

A view on the Products by Country

You can also use these reports to discover what other products are often sold together. As part of several reports that focus on products, this report on Products by Country provides a detailed view of the order volume per product and country.

Product Revenue

The report on Product Revenue represents the total net revenue per product and country for any desired period of time. Make sense of the product revenue distribution with this key tool. See how revenue evolves and where it comes from with this report. Furthermore, it also serves a crucial purpose to discover trends in product lines and correlations.

A view on the Product Revenue

Unit Sales

The report on Unit Sales shows the number of units sold per product, within a given period of time. Certainly, the report is essential in several areas of analysis. Use it to control price points, mean revenues and evaluate product output or sales performance.

A view on the Unit Sales

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