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Save time & money with WooCommerce Shipping

Print labels right from your WooCommerce dashboard and instantly save up to 90%.

NEW: You can now print labels for USPS and DHL.

Prices shown in USD and exclude VAT.


Built into WooCommerce

Stop copy-and-pasting order details into fulfillment software. WooCommerce Shipping is built right into your WooCommerce dashboard.


Print and save

Save up to 90% on shipping and save time by printing your own labels. Drop off prepared packages without having to wait in line at the post office.



How much does this service cost?

WooCommerce Shipping is free to install – no markup, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs.

By using WooCommerce Shipping, you’ll automatically save up to 90% on USPS label rates and 67% on DHL rates.

Can I display accurate USPS shipping rates to my customers during the checkout?

Yes, by using the USPS Shipping Method extension. It will get rates directly from USPS and display and charge them to your customers at checkout.

What if I’m not in the US?

We’re working on adding more providers and services so that more stores can get the benefits of WooCommerce Shipping. In the meantime, solutions like ShipStation and Shippo offer label printing for carriers outside of the US.

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