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Simple Sale Countdown Timer

Developed by Avamaksa
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Simple Sale Countdown Timer

Developed by Avamaksa


A timer is the best way to encourage your clients to buy. With Simple Sale Countdown Timer you can bulk schedule multiple products on sale and create limited-time deals in one go. Show countdown timers on shop and product pages to create a sense of urgency and the “fear of missing out” on your store.



  1. Show product countdown timer on shop and product pages.
  2. Display savings on the product page.
  3. Supports variable product type.
  4. Create a “Today’s Deals” page and show all products that are on sale for the day along with the countdown timer.
  5. Bulk schedule products on sale.
  6. Bulk manage products on sale.
  7. Customize countdown timer and text.
  8. Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions

Why show a countdown timer?

Adding a countdown clock for certain products at a discounted price can boost your sales and improve your conversion rates.



How does Simple Sale Countdown Timer work?

Limited time deals

  1. Search and select products/categories that you want to set as on sale. You can can choose from multiple products/product categories.
  2. Enter the offer price and select discount type.
  3. Select sale start and end date and click on Set. That’s it.

The dashboard view will show all products that are on sale on your store. You can easily bulk schedule and bulk manage your product on sale. “Remove Schedule Dates” and “End Sale” are the two bulk actions available.

Supports variable product type as well



How to Get Started

  1. Buy this extension. 🙂
  2. Download, install, and activate the plugin in your WooCommerce store.
  3. Set up your first  sale countdown timer and take it live.
  4. Check out our detailed documentation to help you customize your countdown timer.
  5. Sit back and enjoy earning more revenue!

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