Sirio is an advanced monitoring system ideal for E-Commerce, with plans that can be adapted according to the number of visitors to the site. Sirio receives a large amount of data in real-time and analyzes customers’ behavior within the website, tracing all the interactions to find any possible anomaly that it might encounter in the funnel.


Sirio is a software able to increase the sales of your E-Commerce with a precise analysis of the behavior of your users. It tracks clicks, products removed from the cart, and any anomalies that do not allow conversion to purchase.

Product trends and performances, technological anomalies present within your E-commerce: Sirio detects every deviation, transforming it into an opportunity.
In this sense, it can estimate the lost turnover caused by these anomalies: alerts are structured that report in real-time any type of system malfunction, to be able to intervene promptly and solve the problem.

In addition, a monthly report can be downloaded directly from the software in which the anomalies of the relevant month are analyzed and investigated, assessing their impact on turnover and suggesting solutions for each of these.

Find out where and why customers stop on your site.
It is not enough to have the statistics, you need to know how to read them and Sirio does it for you.


– Overall evaluation of the site

– Event monitoring

– Funnel analysis

– Product trends and performance

– Shopping cart analysis

– Analysis of the internal searches of the site

– Slow or broken pages

– Full alarms on anomalies

– Acknowledgments of the causes of anomalies

– Analysis of missed opportunities

– Targeted suggestions

– Monthly report


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