Spark Shipping

eCommerce automation for dropshippers. As orders are created immediately send them to vendors & manufacturers.

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Automate your Ecommerce Business

Synchronize Inventory with Your Vendors

You can synchronize your inventory with all of your vendors. No matter how your vendors publish their inventory, we can handle it! FTP, SFTP, HTTP, API, XML, manual upload, etc.

Inventory updates can be run on demand or completed automated. Also, our scaleable technology allows us to be able to update inventory faster than anyone else!

Send Orders Automagically

As orders are placed in your store Spark Shipping will automatically route these orders to the correct vendors.

We send orders as they come into your store. Orders are sent in any format your vendor would like. Email, CSV/FTP, API, etc. – Leave the integration to us, we have you covered.

Easy Product Linking

Assigning products to vendors has never ever been easier than with Spark Shipping!

Linking can be done by uploading mapping files, manually or by contacting our support team. If you like, our support team can handle all linking for you!

Free Setup & No Hidden Costs

There are no setup fees with Spark Shipping. You can get started on our free trial and cancel at anytime.

Also, there are no “extra” fees per order, upload, vendor, etc. One flat rate, what you see is what you pay.

Please note: Third party extensions are not covered under our Support Policy.

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