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Square for WooCommerce

Developed by WooCommerce
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(33 customer reviews)

Square for WooCommerce

34 reviews  |   Developed by WooCommerce

Information & Requirements

  • An account with Square
  • WooCommerce version 3.0 or higher
  • A valid SSL certificate is required
  • WooCommerce Square is currently only available for the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK.
View documentation for more info

Take payments online and in-person with Square

Get the Square extension for WooCommerce at no cost and instantly start accepting payments. With Square + WooCommerce, you can easily synchronize sales, inventory, and customer data, manage all your channels through one centralized platform and use one payment solution across all of them. 

It’s easy to get started with Square in minutes. There are no long-term commitments, hidden fees, or surprises. With Square, you only pay when you make a sale.


Square helps all types of businesses start, run, and grow with intuitive, powerful tools.

  • Accept payments anywhere, any time: Take payments online, in person or on the go with Square and never miss a sale. Square accepts all major debit and credit cards. (Available in the U.S, Canada, Australia, UK and Japan.)
  • Clear pricing: Pay 2.75% (2.65% for CA, 1.9% for AU, 1.75% for UK, and 3.25% for JP) per in-person transaction and 2.9% + $.30 (2.9% + $.30 for CA, 2.2% for AU, 2.5% for UK, and 3.6% for JP) for online transactions. Custom rates available for some businesses with annual revenues over $250K and an average ticket size over $15. Get in touch.
  • Fast deposits: See your funds deposited within one to two business days.
  • PCI-Compliance: Square provides end-to-end encryption and PCI-DSS compliant payment processing with no PCI or security fees.

New features and updates

Customers and Card on File

Recurring customers can now securely save their payment methods and add labels to their saved payment methods for easy identification when choosing how to pay. 

Auth and Delay Capture 

Authorize transactions when your customers complete an order and then capture the payment after the items have shipped. 

Enhanced Reporting

View itemized transaction details for improved reporting in Square.

Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders

Square is now a supported payment method with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Pre-Orders.

Keep your inventory up to date and easily manage your business

Getting your products set up in both platforms is easy. Manually sync products from WooCommerce to Square, or from Square to WooCommerce — no need to set up items twice. When an item is purchased, your inventory automatically syncs between both platforms for accurate inventory management.


Save time by updating once

New products created in WooCommerce are automatically added to Square. Create and update products in WooCommerce and instantly see those changes in Square. All changes, including product names and prices, are reflected in both WooCommerce and Square.

Protect your business

Square is an industry leader in security and fraud prevention. It offers not only a suite of risk management services but also tools and resources to help your business thrive. And if you join Square, it’s all included at no additional cost to you.

Payment disputes

Where there are purchases, there are payment disputes. As with any transaction, there’s always a risk that your customer will dispute the validity of the purchase. Square has a dedicated disputes team standing by to walk you through the process. 

  • Dedicated disputes team: Square has a team of experts to walk you through the process of challenging payment disputes with your customer’s bank. 
  • Dispute management made easy: With the Disputes Dashboard, you can submit all the necessary documents to Square electronically. Square does the time-consuming, stressful work of dealing with your customer’s bank for you.

Fraud and account takeover protection

Square’s fraud prevention team watches over your account’s security 24/7. It’s not just looking at your account activity to keep you safe. It takes a holistic look at the entire Square ecosystem to analyze a wide variety of signals and keep ahead of fraud trends. 

  • Square detects fraud before it happens: Square uses machine-learning models and live monitoring programs to analyze transactions as they’re happening and to keep an eye on suspicious activity. 
  • Advanced account takeover prevention: Square offers customization options to enhance your security by adding 2-Step Verification, employee permissions, and account change notifications.

Advanced security

As an industry expert in security, Square protects your data like its business depends on it—because it does. Square is the merchant of record for every transaction, which means we’re dedicated to keeping your business safe. 

  • Security technology: It’s engineered into our products (hardware, software, and payments) from the ground up. All security features are created and maintained in house.
  • PCI Level 1 compliant: Square takes on the burden of staying PCI compliant. No checklists, assessments, or audits required.

Don’t have a Square account? Get in touch.

Customer reviews

3.59 out of 5 stars - 34 reviews
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  1. Techguy2012

    Techguy2012 rated

    What didn't you like about this product?

    Great when it works. Stops working regularly. Have tried the "disconnect" / "reconnect" method and even that is not allowing me to sync products. Really regret updating as previously the disconnect/reconnect method did work, but even that doesn't now. Charge for the damned plugin if you have to, to make it work correctly.

    How could it be improved?

    Ensure that the sync is maintained at all times. If that is not possible provide clear documentation for users in an effort to provide clear and realistic expectations.

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  2. bulangila

    bulangila rated

    What didn't you like about this product?

    not all it should be

    How could it be improved?

    I have been wrestling with this plugin for about a year now….it was working better than it is now when I first started using it. The last few months, at least, any sales made in square at the brick and mortar location have not been syncing to woocommerce. Results equal an inventory tracking nightmare. I have no way to go thru and verify that sales are syncing or not until I do a deep analysis or re-inventory my entire store. The items I am certain are not syncing are showing up when the last item is sold in store and still show as available online!!!! not a great way to start a conversation with an online customer. Since the “language” woo- and square use is the same….and programming is made to sync….manually at least…why is somebody not actually testing this or improving the function. IF this was a free plugin this type of thing would be one thing….but to pay for this and then have it make such a mess of inventory numbers! Come on Square, you can do better than this. You are an industry leader now….step it up.

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  3. J. Carr Taliaferro

    J. Carr Taliaferro rated

    What didn't you like about this product?

    Sync between WooCommerce and Square is terrible. Automatic Sync is a DISASTER! There appears to be no way to Sync from Woo's heirachical category structure to Square's flat structure. Syncing always creates multiple Square products for Woo products in multiple categories. Automatic syncing does this repeatedly, rather than noticing multiple products already exist. Consequently, a Woo store of about 500 variations, regularly and automatically sync'ed to Square's iPad, crashed the iPad when the Square product database exceeded 85,000 (not a typo!) line items.

    How could it be improved?

    Part of the problem seems to be Square’s limited API. Tax issues and Square brick-and-mortar transactions don’t transfer accurately. There is no way to designate a Customer as a tax-exempt Customer (allowed under US IRS rules).

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  4. dcgraphics

    dcgraphics rated

    What didn't you like about this product?

    The plugin does not show stock, but if you only have 5 shirts, you can still sell 100, which will make your stock -95. And if you initiate a full refund, the stock will not increase back. If you have other categories in Square using Square locations, they will appear in Woo when syncing.

    How could it be improved?

    Refill stock on refunds, Visible stock for products. Square POS will only alert you when stock is low (10). You should be able to select which categories in Square you want to display on the POS. Being able to select multiple categories for one product.

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