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Wholesale For WooCommerce

Developed by WPExperts
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(21 customer reviews)

Wholesale For WooCommerce

21 reviews  |   Developed by WPExperts

Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce 3.8+ (4.0+ recommended)
  • PHP 5.3+ (7+ recommended)
View documentation for more info

Sign up wholesale customers and display wholesale prices based on multiple wholesale user roles on your existing WooCommerce store.

Why waste your time and money, creating a separate website for your wholesale users when you can use Wholesale for WooCommerce to sign-up wholesalers and still take care of your regular customers all at the same time?

Control everything you want to sell to your wholesale customers through an extension that lets you manage your eCommerce store’s wholesale pricing, multiple wholesale user roles, and much more.

Wholesale for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce extension that gives you the ability to display wholesale rates & prices that are only visible to your wholesale customers.

Simply sign-up your wholesale customers through a wholesale registration form and manage approval requests manually or automatically.

Through the Multiple User Role creation feature, not only are you able to create multiple wholesale roles for your users, but you can also define different discounts for each role with support for both simple and variable products.

The Single User Role allows you to create and designate a single user role so that they see the wholesale prices as per their given role.

Build A Residual Income Stream by Charging Your Wholesale Customers for Special Wholesale Prices – Earn monthly or yearly recurring payments from your Wholesale customers by charging them subscription plans for special wholesale prices. WooCommerce Subscriptions give you the ability to create Variable Subscriptions with corresponding attributes.

  • Enable customers to subscribe to a given role.
  • Customers are allowed to upgrade and downgrade between different subscription products.
  • Create multiple variations to a variable subscription product.
  • Customer’s wholesale role changes automatically depending on their choice of different subscription packages defined by the admin.
  • Change subscription price on each variation e.g: Sign up fee, Subscription price, Free Trial e.t.c.
  • Canceling a Subscription will automatically revert your customers to a default role.

WooCommerce Subscription extension is required to access subscription features in Wholesale for WooCommerce.

The Most Powerful & Complete Wholesale Solution for B2B Businesses.

Why Use Wholesale for WooCommerce:

  • Perfect for B2B businesses dealing with wholesale products.
  • Create and manage multiple wholesale user roles.
  • Manage wholesale prices for single or variable products with ease.
  • Define different prices just for your wholesale customers.
  • Easy-to-use back end interface that lets you manage user requests via the wholesale registration form.
  • Tax-Exempt (Exempt wholesale user roles from paying taxes)
  • Tax ID option in Billing Address
  • Control product visibility (Control product visibility settings specifically for wholesale user roles.)
  • Define different pricing options and discounts for your customers.
  • Set minimum order quantity limits as per your requirements.
  • Default Multi User Role Dropdown
  • Hide Prices For Non-logged in user on Shop Page
  • Compatible with Bulk Shop for WooCommerce, Bulk Variation Forms.
  • Category based Discount on all Products
  • Global Discount on all Products
  • Enable or Disable Payment Methods
  • Enable or Disable Shipping methods
  • Restriction Minimum Quantity
  • Retailer Upgrade to wholesaler option on My Account page
  • Custom fields in Registration form
  • Integration With WooCommerce Subscription Products
  • Restrict Wholesale Store access
  • Custom CSS Option In Registration Form
  • Create Variable Subscription products to sell products with variations.
  • Automatically change your customer’s user role after they buy a Variable Subscription.
  • Disable coupon codes for wholesale customers so only retailers can use them.
  • Restrict product visibility for specific customers so that items can be purchased by retail customers only.
  • Restrict product visibility from single or multiple wholesale user roles.
  • Restrict product category visibility – save time from customizing product visibility settings individually.

Wholesale for WooCommerce Features:

  • Create & Manage Multiple User Roles
    Create multiple user roles for wholesale members so that you can segregate your customers and their buying/selling preferences. Create unlimited wholesale user roles and define different discounts for each role through products.


  • Manage Wholesale prices for single or multiple products.
    Set your wholesale prices for both individual or multiple products and their variations. Similarly, add the price input field so you can enter separate pricing information for users with the “Wholesale customer” role.


  • Manage Approval/Rejection requests – Manually or Automatically.
    Manage registration form requests through an easy to use in-built system that allows you to accept or reject users via manual or automatic setting options.


  • Front-end Wholesale Registration form.
    Create and embed an easy Wholesale Registration Form on your website that allows users to sign-up as wholesale customers.


  • Apply wholesale prices based on minimum quantity.
    You can set the minimum quantity on wholesale products so if the user’s order doesn’t meet that quantity requirement, they end up paying the retail price.


  • Control product and price visibility.
    Optionally hide “retail only” products or its variations from wholesale shoppers – Have control over your product and its pricing visibility options.


  • Tax Exemptions.
    Exempt wholesale users from paying tax – Tax-exempt rules can be applied globally for wholesale user roles.
  • Add fix amount or percentage-based discount pricing.
    Option to add fixed amount prices on wholesale products or their variations, or percentage-based discounts on pre-defined quantities. These settings can be enabled on specific products, specific product categories, or total cart quantity.
  • Category based Discount on all Products

You can now apply percentage discounts or fixed discounts on a category instead of setting individual discounted prices per product. If you want to apply wholesale prices on a specific category’s products, this is the best way to apply discount.

  • Global percentage discounts and fixed discount on all products

Set wholesale pricing globally across your store instead of changing the prices of each product manually. You can simply override the prices of each product with this functionality.

  • Disable payment methods for specific wholesaler role

The ability to disable any payment gateway for your wholesale role that allows the admin to restrict any payment gateway they desire from the backend settings. These payment gateways will not display on the checkout page to the selected wholesaler role.

  • Add minimum quantity restrictions on wholesale Products.

This functionality allows you to apply minimum quantity restrictions on wholesale products so wholesalers must add to cart minimum quantity to get discount.

  • Integration With WooCommerce Subscription Products

Create Variable Subscription products with corresponding attributes and product variations. Automatically change your customer’s user role when they buy a Variable Subscription, or revert it back to a Default role when they cancel it.


  • Disable coupon codes

Wholesalers will not be able to use specific coupon codes on the cart and checkout page.

  • Restrict product visibility

Restrict product visibility from single or multiple wholesale user roles. These products will only be visible to retail customers.

  • Restrict product category visibility

Restrict product category visibility for single or multiple wholesaler user roles. Save time from hiding products individually (one-by-one).

  • Price labels: Retail pricing label, wholesale pricing label and saves price label.
  • Email notification (Admin and User Notification Email).
  • Translate using .PO .MO files.
  • Translate using WPML Plugin.

Boost the overall sales of your e-Commerce store by tenfold – Unlock powerful WooCommerce wholesale features through a single extension.

How to Get Started

  1. Buy Wholesale for WooCommerce.
  2. Download and install the extension. You can find the installation guide here.
  3. Activate, set up, and configure the extension.
  4. Read the technical documentation to help you walk through the process of setting up multiple user roles, product pricing, registration form, and more.


Is this extension compatible with the Bulk Order Form For WooCommerce?

Yes! Version 1.3.0 of the Wholesale for WooCommerce extension includes support for Bulk Order Form For WooCommerce.

Front End View For Wholesaler:

Is this extension compatible with the WooCommerce Subscriptions?

Yes! Version 1.3.0 of the Wholesale for WooCommerce extension includes support for WooCommerce Subscription.

Is this extension compatible with the Bulk Shop for WooCommerce?

Yes! Version 1.2.0 of the Wholesale for WooCommerce extension includes support for Bulk Shop for WooCommerce.


Is this extension compatible with the Bulk Variation Forms?

Yes! Version 1.2.0 of the Wholesale For WooCommerce plugin includes support for Bulk Variation Forms.

Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars - 21 reviews
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  1. greenglidesusa

    greenglidesusa rated

    What do you think about this product?

    It was easy for me to use and overall I liked the functionality.

    How could it be improved?

    Adding the ability to export and import with csv to make bulk editing easier for fixed price. We typically increase prices a few dollars across the board for all products. This is easy to do with the retail prices by doing a product export but it appears the wholesale pricing data doesn’t come along with the product export. I would love to see it integrated into the default Woo product export or have its own export/import function.

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