Protect your WooCommerce store with Jetpack Backup. Real-time backups save every sale and one-click restores get you back online quickly.

Store downtime means lost sales

One minute of downtime costs small e-commerce businesses an average of almost $9,000. Jetpack Backup gives you the tools to get your WooCommerce store back online in minutes.

Graph showing the lost sales if you don't back up your WooCommerce store.

Protect your data

Protecting customer data is harder than ever with persistent hackers, plugin vulnerabilities, and even human error. Jetpack Backup saves your data in multiple places around the globe to ensure your business is always safe.

View of store orders that should be backed up.

Plugins made for each other

Jetpack and WooCommerce are both Automattic companies, so plugins are fully compatible and you can work with a single support team.

WooCommerce and Jetpack logo lockup

The best real-time backups for WooCommerce

  • Real-time backups so every sale is saved
  • One-click restore to any point, including through the WordPress mobile app
  • All orders are restored on top of the backup no matter what point you restore to
  • Unlimited activity log of site changes
  • Risk free, fully refundable for 7 days

“It took just one click to restore my WooCommerce store. It was a great interface and it did the job. Jetpack Backup saved my site really quickly.”

Oli, Developer, Sevenoaks Bookshop

Photo of Oli, developer who uses WooCommerce backup by Jetpack

How do I back up my WooCommerce store?

Good news, it’s now fast and incredibly easy to make backups of your WooCommerce store and keep all of your orders safe. Read on.

Get Peace of mind with real-time backups for $39.95 per month

Daily backups also available for $7.95 per month

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