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WooCommerce Bookings Sale!

15 reviews  |   Developed by WooCommerce

Save time and effort by letting customers book at their convenience

Let your customers book reservations, appointments or rentals on their own – no phone calls required. Save yourself time and fill up your calendar by letting your site do the work for you.

Let customers book classes, schedule appointments, or reserve items

Whatever options you want to offer to your customers, Bookings makes it possible:

  • Define set options, like fixed time slots for a class, appointment or guided tour
  • Let customers choose the times that work best by giving them the flexibility to book whatever range they need, like checking into a hotel

With either option, you can also block time off as un-bookable, leaving you time to take care of your other priorities and create buffers between bookings, to make sure the schedule works for you.

Get as specific as you want with your time slots—the extension allows for bookings in days, hours, even minutes.

Book one-on-one appointments or multi-person events

You can set the minimum and maximum number of participants: limit a booking to one-at-a-time for appointments or let multiple people reserve a class or tour.

Offer special pricing for groups, days, or individuals

Offer discounts for groups or people booking multiple slots, show lower prices for early birds, higher prices on weekends, or special prices for kids. Bookings lets you customize pricing any way you want.

Show availability in the customer’s time zone

If your services are online or if you’re shipping something to the customer, display your availability in the customer’s time zone so they book the time they really need. Whether bookings come from New York, New Mexico or New Zealand, they’ll be within the hours you set, so no surprise appointments!

It’s perfect for virtual classes, online appointments, or rentals that need to be delivered to the customer.

Require confirmation, offer free cancellations – it’s all up to you

Set up confirmations, allowing you time to review before making the booking official. Automatically send out reminders leading up to a booking to reduce no-shows, and set whether bookings can be cancelled.

Send reminders and reduce no-shows

Remind clients about their appointments with handy notification emails when a reservation is made, confirmed, and a day before the booking date.

If you’d like to do more, you can send a special reminder right from your site.

Never get double-booked

Avoid double bookings by assigning the needed resources to a particular booking. For example, if your 2:00 bride books a fitting and a stylist until 3:30, that stylist won’t appear available for the bride scheduling a fitting at 3:00. You’ll never have to worry about offering the same resource to two customers at the same time.

Manage your calendar, your way – including syncing with Google Calendar

Use the calendar view to see how your day or month is shaping up. Update existing bookings or availability, or filter to view specific services or resources.

Still have customers calling in to make bookings the old-fashioned way? Add them manually from the calendar while you’re on the phone.

Bookings also automatically syncs with Google Calendar, no manual entry required. Manage bookings on your store, and see it reflected on your Google Calendar in 60 seconds or less.

Give your Bookings a boost

For a fully-customized experience, consider these add-ons other Woo Commerce customers use with Bookings.

  • Take a deposit for a reservation with Deposits
  • Use AutomateWoo to help improve your customers experience, decrease cancellations, or even upsell customers after they make bookings with automated booking confirmation or completion emails.
  • Power up reminder emails with Follow-Ups
  • Sell more bookings by presenting a calendar or schedule of available slots in a page or post with Bookings Availability.
  • Try our free Accommodation Bookings add-on, or the Hotel theme, if you have a hotel or B&B
  • Allow service providers to submit and manage offerings themselves using Product Vendors
  • Offer add-ons for services, such as an oil treatment with a massage, or limited edition merchandise with a group booking for a baseball field, using Product Add-Ons.

Customer reviews

2.6 out of 5 stars - 15 reviews
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  1. 2593898

    jogodedentro rated

    It's very expensive and difficult to set-up because it causes conflicts with existing plugins, the categories system is very rigid and it's almost impossible toremove, hide or re-direct from them without causing problems that spoil the look of the site.

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  2. 3671260

    heiterekiosk rated

    you are blocking free plugins to sell the same functionallity for 99$ with WooAutomate?

    I have bought the booking plugin for 249$ and I can not edit the order confirmation for a booking…. woww

    I found the perfect free plugin “Woo Custom Emails Per Product” BUT you are blocking “show_if_booking”…!

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  3. 3683792

    adminabcwatersports rated

    I am trying to get to talk to someone but support does not work because it says I need to verify the email, but I keep not receiving no link. ???

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  4. 2343362

    kathyekaan rated

    It doesn't show on the front end. In fact, it also erases the 'add to cart / or book now' button so I have a couple of products in my store now that can't be booked from the product page. I get a reply not even 2 hours after my question before buying the product. I am still waiting on a reply or fix of a syntax error as we speak... Bad. Also, it hasn't been tested with the latest version of Core Woocommerce plugin? And you charge (normaly) $249???

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  5. 2982759

    louisk612 rated

    It’s a very very poor plugin.
    I’ve been using this for almost 1 year.
    Their support is pretty good, but the plugin itself is terrible.
    Most problems I encounter, they couldn’t help me and solve.

    These are critical problems that this plugin has.

    1.This plugin can’t handle a huge amount of bookings.
    If you will have a huge amount, please do not use it.
    Calendar loading is very very slow and you will get a lot of complaints.
    If you will use it for accommodation service, I think it’s okay, but if you will use for time appointment and have many service products, you will encounter this poor performance.
    (By the way, I’m using a VPS server and pay $150 monthly, I don’t use shared hosting and poor hosting though)

    2.Booking admin dashboard is very inconvenient to use it.
    There are so many things they have to update it but I share just one thing.
    It doesn’t have a filter that can search the booked product by booking slot’s date.
    You only can search for it by product and need to take a look one by one.
    If you have multiple products(more than 10 or 20), it’s very inconvenient to check which products have booking today.
    (I don’t understand why it doesn’t have, but speaking of similar plugin Woocommerce Appointment, it has)

    3.There are so many things that you need to customize through fiding developers to fit your needs.

    Default settings are very poor, you may need to customize many parts.

    1.Price is too high considering this poor performance and poor default settings
    2.Their support is pretty good(I appreciate and love it), but for most problems they just tell me to find a developer to customize it or couldn’t solve it.
    3.If you have many products and have a huge number of clients, please do not use them. Find alternative plugins or ways.

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