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NETbilling Payment Gateway

Developed by SkyVerge
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A subscription enables access to the product, updates and support for one year from the date of purchase. Every site installation requires a subscription key.

NETbilling Payment Gateway

Developed by SkyVerge

Information & Requirements

  • A merchant account is required and not included with NETbilling processing services
  • An SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe.
  • Your hosting provider must have the ability to open port '1402' in order to integrate with the NETbilling Gateway.
View documentation for more info →

Easily and Securely Accept Credit Cards and eChecks using NETbilling

The NETbilling payment gateway extension provides one of the most advanced integrations for WooCommerce while providing security and reliability for payment processing. Let your customers save their credit cards and bank accounts to their WooCommerce account for fast and easy checkout. Includes full support for WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders. The NETbilling gateway also features numerous real time reporting features that allow merchants to continuously monitor sales conversions and analyze profits through ROI tracking.

WooCommerce NETbilling Payment Gateway Admin Settings
NETbilling Admin Settings

The NETbilling extension allows you to keep the customer on your site for the checkout process, allowing you maximum control over checkout so that you can test and implement the most effective experience for your store. An SSL is required for PCI compliance due to the direct checkout to ensure that your customers’ credit card information is secure. You also need a merchant account to use NETbilling’s payment processing services.

Why Use NETbilling?

  • Accept all Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards permitted by your merchant account – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club, JCB
  • NETbilling 24 hour call center support
  • Accept international transactions from customers worldwide
  • Customers can securely save their payment method to their account for easier checkout
  • Full Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Full support for WooCommerce Pre-Orders
  • Customer checkout experience is highly customizable
  • Customers never leave your site during checkout
  • Capture authorized funds within the WooCommerce Order admin
  • Force charges for orders with only virtual items instead of authorizing them NEW
  • Accepts eChecks with optional NETbilling eCheck account
WooCommerce NETbilling Payment Gateway eCheck Settings
NETbilling eCheck Settings

Securely Save Customer Payment Methods

Customers can easily & securely save multiple payment methods to their account for faster checkout. Payment data is stored on NETbilling’s secure servers (if enabled in your NETbilling account), so your responsibility for PCI compliance is significantly reduced. There’s no limit to the number of payment methods a customer can store on their account, and both credit cards and eChecks are supported. Customers can also change their active payment method and remove payment methods from the My Account page.

Capture Charges directly from WooCommerce

Some users choose to set the payment gateway to only authorize charges rather than authorize & capture them. However, this requires the user to then log into the payment gateway admin to capture charges. This extension allow you to optionally capture previously authorized transactions directly from the WooCommerce Edit Order screen rather than logging into your gateway control panel to do so. Simply edit the order, select the “Capture Charge” action, and charges will be captured through NETbilling.

WooCommerce NETbilling Payment Gateway Integration Capture Charge
NETbilling Capture Charge

Direct On-site Checkout

Using the NETbilling extension allows you to decide what your checkout process will look like, while keeping the customer on your site for the entire process. This gives you maximum control over this experience, providing a slick checkout process for the user and maximum customizability for the business owner.

WooCommerce NETbilling Payment Gateway Extension Checkout
NETbilling Checkout Experience

Full Support for eChecks

Customers with US bank accounts can checkout using their bank account information. Bank accounts can be securely saved to the customer’s account, which allows them to be used with Subscriptions. To use this feature, you must have an active NETbilling eCheck account.

WooCommerce NETbilling Payment Gateway Extension eCheck Checkout
NETbilling eCheck Checkout Experience

Full Support for Subscriptions and Pre-Orders

NETbilling is an ideal gateway for WooCommerce Subscriptions, offering support for all Subscriptions features – payment date changes, subscription date changes, and more. Even better, customers can sign up for subscriptions with a credit card or using eChecks! The gateway also fully-supports WooCommerce Pre-Orders, so you can take customers’ payment information upfront and then automatically charge their payment method once the pre-order is released.

Your hosting provider must have the ability to open port ‘1402’ in order to integrate with the NETbilling Gateway. Please confirm with your hosting provider that this is possible.

How to Get Started

  1. Buy this extension 🙂
  2. Download and install into your WooCommerce store
  3. Login to your NETbilling account (sign up for NETbilling if you don’t already have an account) and grab your Account ID
  4. Save this information on the settings page
  5. That’s it! Sit back and enjoy secure payment processing!

Need any more reason to buy? When you purchase a SkyVerge-developed extension, you’re getting the highest quality extensions for your WooCommerce store. Gain peace of mind by knowing that when you purchase our products, your store’s performance is as important to us as it is to you.

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