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WooCommerce Product Search

Developed by itthinx
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(97 customer reviews)

WooCommerce Product Search

97 reviews  |   Developed by itthinx

Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce version 3.0 or higher.
View documentation for more info

The essential extension for every WooCommerce store!

Your best Search Experience for WooCommerce

The perfect Search Engine for your store helps your customers to find and buy the right products quickly.

Your customers will love your store for this, because it makes getting to the products they want to buy easier than ever.

Live Search

The Live Search Field allows customers to find products as they type, along with images, price information and they can add the product directly to the cart.

Type, click & buy … it’s that easy.

Live Filters

Our live filters take care of showing updated results on the shop page while your customers search by keyword, price range, use categories, tags or any product attributes to narrow down the results.

Experience Easy Shopping

With a no-fuzz automated setup that integrates smoothly with popular themes, Storefront and child-themes included, your customers will have a truly delightful shopping experience. Let them enjoy how easy it is to find the right thing in your store.

Search Statistics

Gain valuable insights on what your visitors are searching in your store. See real-time and historic product search activity and relate it to your marketing efforts.

Business Insights

Discover what your customers are searching for, what they can find and what not. Our reports will help you to reveal what products your visitors are searching for and optimize your store’s offering to meet current and trending demands.

Automated Integration

The Search Engine takes care of providing the best search results on the front end and back end. Our advanced search algorithms integrate seamlessly with your store and the administrative dashboard.

Search Index

The Search Indexer will automatically index all products in your store and keep everything up-to-date for you. Even when you add, modify or remove products and related aspects, you don’t need to do anything to have your store fully indexed, products ready to be found.

Visually Intuitive Filters

An image says more than a thousand words … create a visually appealing search experience for your customers! Add thumbnails used with live product filters for product categories, tags and attributes. Filter by color, size, brand … showing the actual color, intuitive icons and logos.

Relevant Search Results

Search Weights based on keyword matches present more relevant results to your customers. The relevance of your store’s product search results is substantially improved, with powerful controls that introduce Search Weights to WooCommerce.

Powerful Back-End Features

This extension is smoothly integrated with your WooCommerce store and WordPress Dashboard.

From important business insights provided by its search reports, to optimized back-end product search results powered by the extension’s Search Engine – this essential tool provides everything you need to be in control.

Your little Helper

The built-in Assistant helps you to add live product filter widgets to sidebars in an instant. It shows you which filters are already present and suggests to add those that aren’t. Simply click and customize them later if needed.


Your customers will love the live Product Search Field that shows results while you type and lets you add items directly to the cart. It automatically replaces the standard product search field if desired, and it is also available as a widget to use in sidebars.

Flexible live filters update your shop page as the customer types, indicates a price or chooses from product categories, tags or any product attributes.


All live search facilities are available as WordPress shortcodes. In addition to these, we include facilities to render search results on any page. This even allows you to create specialized shop pages!


The extension is tested and integrates with lots of popular themes and requires no or very little CSS adjustments in most cases. To make things very easy for you, we have included a section where you can add your own CSS rules. And you’re always welcome to ask for our help!


As with the widgets and shortcodes, we provide a very easy to use API that gives you access to all search and filtering facilities, so you can effortlessly include them in templates.



WordPress Blocks – Gutenberg

The extension can also be used with the block editor introduced in WordPress 5. With its advanced features, you have limitless possibilities to build custom shop sections.


Live Search and Filters

The Live Search Field allows customers to find products and buy products in an instant – Find, Click & Buy … it’s that easy.

Product Search Field - Search Results - Detail
An example of the live Product Search Field in action. Search results appear while the customer types.


WooCommerce Product Search provides an easy search experience for your customers with live Product Filters – suited even for stores with thousands of variable products and product attributes.

An example with a live Product Search Filter in action. Your shop page updates automatically, showing relevant and matching results, based on the customer’s choices and without the need to reload the page.


Product Filters – Shop Page - Detail with Categories Expanded
Live category filters can be expanded to reveal child categories on hover and make navigation easy. On touch-enabled devices, tapping a category’s expander shows its children.


Product Filters – Shop Page - Filters and Thumbnails
Add intuitive thumbnails used with live product filters for product categories, tags and attributes, showing the actual colors, intuitive icons and logos.


Finding the matching product with live Product Filters and intuitive thumbnails.
Customers can find products easily with live Product Filters showing intuitive thumbnails.


Reports and Business Intelligence

WooCommerce Product Search helps you to discover what your customers are searching for and optimize your store’s offering to meet current and trending demands.

With WooCommerce Product Search you will gain valuable insights on what your customers are searching for. Discover the current search performance and trends to optimize your store.


Discover what exactly your customers are searching for. Do you offer what your customers want to buy? WooCommerce Product Search helps you with valuable insights.


Customer reviews

4.47 out of 5 stars - 97 reviews
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  1. jakeparrotta

    jakeparrotta rated

    What didn't you like about this product?

    Great features, but not very customizable. I had to use a lot of CSS to get the look I wanted and when I'm working on the CSS I can't even watch it live to see how it will effect the search bar. I have to save, update and view the page, almost like a guess and check system. It was frustrating to work with.

    How could it be improved?

    Please add more built-in styling options

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  2. timocallaghan44

    timocallaghan44 rated

    What didn't you like about this product?

    I had an enormous two-day headache integrating it with other plugins, despite using a standard Woocommerce-WC Product Vendors-Storefront combination. Be sure to disable any other search plugins before activating this one. Customer services were helpful and responded quickly. Despite selectively disabling core site functionality, I could only get the plugin to point selectively to the correct results page from category search. Search on return reverts to Storefront. I ultimately had to rewrite search.php and product-searchform.php to get search working.

    How could it be improved?

    The currency symbol should be optionally placed before the Min-Max fields, not after.

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  3. Debbie Kurth

    Debbie Kurth rated

    What didn't you like about this product?

    May be advertised as the best search on the web, but honestly, it has font problems, color problems and once you can "see it", it does display the products correctly, but with different layouts there is not way to change the color of the font links..thus they disappear on a white background

    How could it be improved?

    Check more carefully across different color backgrounds

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