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WooCommerce Zapier Sale!

22 reviews  |   Developed by OM4

Information & Requirements

  • A free or paid Zapier account
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Integrate and automate WooCommerce with your Cloud Apps

Connect your WooCommerce store with thousands of cloud apps via Zapier.

Speed up your processes by letting Zapier do the work for you instantly.

WooCommerce Zapier: Two-way sync with WooCommerce and thousands of cloud apps

Instead of making the same changes every time a new order comes in, a new customer makes a purchase or an order’s status changes, set up an automation once and let it run forever.

Never forget a step. Let one event in WooCommerce trigger multiple changes in multiple apps so you don’t miss a thing.

Take the necessary steps at critical moments. Reduce shopping cart abandonment by acting quickly on cancelled orders, follow-up with customers right after they purchase and more.

Efficiently notify the right members of your team – and only the right ones.

Automate with Triggers and Actions

Set up triggers to automate actions when things change in WooCommerce.

  • Example 1: when you get a New Order (trigger) automatically Add the Customer to CRM (MailChimp) (action).
  • Example 2: when you get a New Customer (trigger), automatically Create a Unique Offer Coupon (action), then Email The Coupon To Customer (Gmail) (action).

Integrate with Thousands of Cloud Apps

Zapier lets you connect up your WooCommerce store for two way integration with thousands of cloud apps – a few popular examples:

  • Sheets: Google Sheets, Zoho Sheets, Excel
  • Email: Gmail, Office 365, Mailparser
  • Sales & CRM: HubSpot, MailChimp, AWeber, SalesForce, Active Campaign
  • Support: Slack, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout
  • Accounting: QuickBooks, Xero, Freshbooks
  • Phone & SMS: Twilio, ClickSend SMS, SimpleTexting
  • Projects: Trello, Asana, Basecamp
  • Social: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Content & Files: Google Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox

Automate Your WooCommerce Store

Two way automation for:

  • Orders
  • Coupons
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Subscription

Triggers You Can Act On

  • Orders: created, deleted, paid, restored, status changed, updated
  • Coupons: created, deleted, restored, updated
  • Customers: created, deleted, updated
  • Products: created, deleted, restored, updated
  • Subscriptions: created, deleted, renewal failed, renewed, status changed, switched, updated

Actions You Can Take

  • Coupons: create, find, update
  • Customers: create, find, update
  • Orders: create, find, update
  • Products: create, find, update
  • Subscriptions: create, find, update


Core WooCommerce with all WooCommerce currencies, shipping methods and payment gateways.

Supported extensions: Subscriptions, Groups, Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons, Product Add-Ons, Checkout Field Editor, Sequential Order Numbers Pro, Pre-Orders, Order Status Manager, and more.

Secure: your WooCommerce data is always sent to Zapier over an encrypted connection

Adjustable: zap notifications can be filtered to specific users, groups or teams

Pre-Sales Questions?

To understand more about what is possible with WooCommerce Zapier, please see the WooCommerce Zapier documentation.

Technical Requirements

You need a Zapier account, as well as several other WooCommerce Zapier System Requirements.


Easy Zap Management

Zap Management Interface on Zapier.com

Order Trigger Events

Order Trigger Events

Example Zap: Adding New Customers to Your Mailing List Automatically

Example: add new customers to your mailing list automatically

Zapier Task History in Your WooCommerce Dashboard

Zapier Task History in Your WooCommerce Dashboard

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars - 22 reviews
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  1. 2403576

    Purpose Practitioners Club rated

    My Woocommerce store zap refuses to authenticate; irrespective of the fact that all my details are correct. I’ve tried it numerous times, and at this rate I’m ready to get my money back.

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  2. 3795029

    pxpic rated

    I tried to submit support for many times. And verified from my email.
    But still not able to create support ticket.
    So, no choice but leave a poor review here.
    Please advise me where should I look for support.


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  3. 1788543

    Dave Wiseman rated

    I see the potential in this, but what’s not clear initially is you literally can’t do anything worthwhile at the start because free zapier only lets you use 2 steps in any automation. Once you work it out, most anything worthwhile, like publishing a post/product automatically to instagram, twitter or facebook for example, needs some kind of formatting to make it look right which isn’t included unless you pay the zapier monthly fee.

    Here’s another example, say you have a google sheet you put potential leads in to after events where you have collected their names. You can set a zap up to subscribe them to a mailchimp list and send them an info pack, but because the zap isn’t triggered every day when you dump 200 leads into it the zapier system thinks there’s a security issue and imports them into some kind of review queue to be retried. Automatic retries is a paid feature. Manually retrying 200 events is absolutely pointless, especially when you’re supposed to be automating work, not creating it.

    So this plugin and its associated platform do have great potential, just unfortunately when you purchase this you’re ultimately going to be up for the cost of a monthly subscription on the zapier end to do anything meaningful for your business.

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