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Developed by WPExpertsio

Information & Requirements

  • WordPress 4.9+
  • Php 5.6+
  • WooCommerce 3.0+
View documentation for more info

WooWheel is a WooCommerce extension which displays a wheel of fortune to engage your customers. Store owners can use this marketing tool to retain their customers and increase their sales by giving discounts in an engaging way. You can define the occasions during which the wheel slides in. Customers are required to log-in to spin to play and win a discount.


  1. Unlimited wheel slices:
    Admin can add slices to the wheel as per requirement.
  2. Fully customizable wheel:
    Admin can select the color for each wheel.
  3. Full control over text :
    Admin can edit all text visible on the spin wheel
  4. Instant Preview:
    Admin can Preview the changes made to the spin wheel in real-time.
  5. Wheel Analytics:
    Admin can view logs regarding the usage of the spin wheel.
  6. Auto Generate WooCommerce Coupon:
    Spin wheel can auto generate coupons for the customers in the front end on winning
  7. Give Link To Free Downloads
    You can link free e-books or any PDF as gift on slices for your customers.
  8. Fully Responsive
    WooWheel functionality is designed for all screen sizes for optimum conversion


    You can display WooWheel on following events;

    1. On customer registration: to make them excited for making purchase on the site with the discount they won with WooWheel.
    2. Once customer clicks on add to cart: To make sure they complete their order using the discount coupon won by spinning the wheel
    3. On thank you Page: to retain your customers by giving discount coupons with spin wheel to be used next time on checkout.

    For details on how to setup these triggers, refer to display tab section of documentation.

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