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Shape the future of commerce

WooCommerce continues to grow as a highly popular commerce platform on the web. Join a team committed to democratizing commerce and putting store owners in full control of their livelihood. Our core platform is free and open-source, empowering anyone to sell anything, anywhere.

1 in 4 online stores are powered by WooCommerce

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Working with us isn’t like your typical work-from-home job.

As a leader in the remote-first globally distributed approach to work, it’s in our DNA. Everyone works from the location they choose, and we care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in. Career coaching, an open leave policy, and paid sabbaticals are just some of the unique benefits we offer.

Chart your path.

It’s possible, even encouraged, to occasionally rotate to a new team if you wish. If youʼre comfortable in the grey and excited by new challenges, you will thrive in our flexible and autonomous environment.


While our structure is fairly flat, we encourage stepping up to leadership roles and support that desire with coaching, mentorship, organizational transparency, and frequent rotations to team lead positions.


We believe in continual learning. We are constantly expanding and improving our internal training programs around things like project management and agile techniques, while engaging external speakers and presenters to bring fresh perspectives.

Make an impact.

Weʼre a small company with a huge footprint, helping people express themselves and earn a living. If youʼre ambitious, energetic, and driven by a passion to help people, you can make a visible, profound, and lasting difference here.

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“Working at WooCommerce gives me the flexibility to travel how I’d like across the world, doing Burning Man, doing all my art stuff. So it really helps me with that work/life balance.”

— Happiness Engineer, Erica Kuschel

Whether you’re a remote work aficionado, or new to the idea, these resources will give you an insight to how we work at WooCommerce.

Remote Work at Scale

Insights into how we do remote work and what a typical day looks like for our Head of Product Engineering, Beau Lebens.

Inside the Grand Meetup

A look at the Grand Meetup, Automattic’s annual weeklong all-staff event, where employees have an opportunity to collaborate, learn from one another, and hang out face-to-face.
Note: our meetups are currently on hold due to the pandemic

Distributed Work’s Five Levels of Autonomy

Matt Mullenweg discusses his model of distributed work with Sam Harris, author and host of the Making Sense podcast.

Part of the Automattic family, we’re a mission-driven, fully distributed company with no physical offices; adding to the 1,400+ Automatticians in 79 countries speaking 99 different languages. We’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and believe in making the web a better place for everyone.

Career opportunities


Engineers at WooCommerce are responsible for a variety of codebases and processes devoted to making the web a better place. With their varied backgrounds, our engineers collaborate with the other roles to define, implement, and improve the experience those engines provide and enable.


Designers at WooCommerce are responsible for shepherding the experiences of our products. They listen, research, hypothesize, and deliver both product experiences as well as the stories they share about them.

People, Legal, and Finance

Having the freedom to focus can be a hard thing to come by. But there are those of us that have a passion for providing that freedom to others. They're experienced, knowledgeable, and can wrangle with the best of them.

Happiness Engineers

At the end of the day, we make products for people. And while every position at WooCommerce involves helping people, no one does it better than our Happiness Engineers.

Note: Protect yourself from job scams! Don’t respond to fake employment offers for Automattic from third-parties.

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