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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

3030 Autosport

3030 Autosport is an industry-leading wheel manufacturing brand in the United States.

Industry veterans Keith Kern and Philip Watson believed they could create a quality racing and performance line that would out-perform all other wheels on the market.

In June 2020, the pair did just that, utilizing their 30+ years of experience to set up a manufacturing space close to motorsport hub Indianapolis and begin work on a range steeped in timeless racing styles. The brand controls every aspect of the product – from design and sales to engineering and manufacturing.

The duo’s mission is to build durable, affordable wheels that rival or better top brands in the industry and make them easy to order, too.

“We want to empower our customers to get the absolute best performance wheels in the industry.”

“[We believe that the industry status quo] forces people to do one of two things: either pay enormous prices for top-tier wheels or be forced to give up the wheel they want for something affordable. We believe you deserve a better choice.”

Most of the brand’s product range is tailor-made to order, meaning that wheels are never “off the rack”.

3030 Autosport approached the Woo Experts at Virtina, looking for advice on selecting a suitable platform, as well as researching, defining, and implementing various capabilities for their brand new online store.

Importantly, they needed to connect the site to the tire distributor’s API to fetch tire details, live pricing, and stock availability to help their customers choose the best product. Quickbooks and Mailchimp integration was a must, too.

Virtina quickly got down to business, creating a wireframe and interactive prototype before designing a custom theme that perfectly matched the brand’s aesthetic. With work completed on a staging environment before a smooth feedback and quality assurance (QA) process, 3030 Autosport’s brand new online presence debuted successfully – yet another success for our Pennsylvanian WooCommerce experts.

As the brand continues to grow and gain traction, Keith and Philip plan on bringing its performance wheels to more competitive vehicle markets. “[We want to] empower our customers to get the absolute best performance wheels in the industry.”

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