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Aéryne is a Swedish fashion brand empowering women through style.

Their contemporary, edgy designs are inspired by “the effortless simplicity” of Scandinavian style and “the confident individualism” of Paris.

Many of today’s clothing brands invest in sustainable fabrics but often miss the bigger picture by not questioning the traditional production model.

“Together we can combat one of the biggest environmental threats caused by the fashion industry – overstock,” says Aéryne CEO Siri Vikman. “Brands have to start taking environmental responsibility and stop blaming the end consumers. Sustainable fabrics are essential, but [not enough].”

Aéryne On-Demand redefines the meaning of sustainability in fashion – there is 100% transparency. By ordering one of these stylish pieces, you’re not only choosing zero fabric waste and reduced carbon emissions, but you also know who is sewing your garment.

“I started Aéryne with a vision of changing the industry, and five years later the On-demand system is finally here. The fashion revolution has officially started.”

Every purchase also contributes to empowering women, with 5% of web orders donated to Mumbai school, Seva Sadan. The school is a beneficiary of the Aéryne Academy, a female education project financially supporting students who are unable to afford an education.

“We believe in sisterhood, that empowered women empower other women in return, and that education is the key to independence and equal society,” says Vikman.

Their eye-catching site was created by Swedish WooExperts, Wallmander & Co.

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