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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


ArabicPerfumes was born from the idea of Md Hafizur Rahman, owner of Al Manar Islamic Shop LTD. He realized how big the demand was for attars (roll-on perfumes) from its clients, so he decided to start growing online. After trying a competitor CMS to build his online store, he found it very difficult and expensive for all the plugins he needed to purchase. Everything changed when he discovered WooCommerce, a CMS based on WordPress and maintained by the WordPress community. This was very fast to setup, with free and cheap plugins to head start his ecommerce. Most importantly, everything was set-up in just one week!

It’s impressive how easily I was able to run my business with WooCommerce. It has a very big community around it, so you can get support whenever you need it! And those lovely guys at WooCommerce released an awesome theme (StoreFront) which is so easy to edit and personalize any ecommerce. If you want a fast, FREE way to start growing online, look no further!” – Md Hafizur Rahman, Owner of Al Manar Islamic Shop LTD.

The WordPress community out there is huge. This means you can find plugins of all kinds out there, without paying a third party developer to develop new plugins. Also, WordPress is well known to be very lightweight, so you don’t need a very powerful server either! It’s a revolution.” – Abdullah Ibne Atiq, developer of ArabicPerfumes.

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