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Big Chill Appliances Home & Decor

Happy kitchen, happy home – that’s the mindset of Thom Vernon and his nephew, Orion Creamer, who combined modern performance with timeless design to create Big Chill home appliances.

Wanting a 1950s era-inspired refrigerator with modern performance for a beach house he was dreaming of, Thom approached Orion, a lover of retro design. An early prototype was built on the front porch of Thom’s Boulder, Colorado home and sold to a passing stranger who instantly fell in love with the stamped metal body, stainless steel trim and pivoting handle.

Deciding to bring their Retro fridge to the public. Orion curated a palette of vintage-inspired colors for their designs, an innovative idea in an industry dominated by neutral tones at the time, as well as a trend to hide appliances behind cabinetry-like doors. Taking colors inspired by old-school cars and kitchens of the 50s, he brightened them for an even bolder take, making them part of the Original Size Retro’s style.

An instant hit, Big Chill found its way into homes around the country, making a statement and in turn making kitchens that little bit more memorable. On the back of this success, Thom & Orion launched the Classic and Pro Line, expanding their product line and including colors both bold and subtle. Dishwasher, microwave and wall oven lines have since been added too – impressive for an enterprise that started out as a simple family favor.

Big Chill continues to be an industry leader in design and color, even attracting celebrity fans such as Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson & Rachael Ray with new innovative products in a range of styles and sizes. In addition to their Boulder-based space, ranges and hoods are now also assembled in Reading, Pennsylvania. Despite their growth, Orion still ensures a high level of craftsmanship and quality, firmly believing that Big Chill’s retro-styled and professional-grade kitchen appliances can bring cheer to the heart of the home.

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