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Bruichladdich are progressive whisky distillers from the remote Scottish island of Islay.

Proudly nonconformist, they aim to produce “the most natural, thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating, and enjoyable spirits possible.”

This Hebridean distillery was built on the westernmost part of the island by the Harvey brothers in 1881. Its ownership changed hands several times, before closing its doors in 1994 after beeing deemed “surplus to requirements”.

Bruichladdich (pronounced as “brook-laddie”) was resurrected in 2001 after it was bought by a group of private investors. Most of the distillery’s original machinery is still in use – no computers are used in the production process at all.

The signature fresh, salty citrus tang of its whisky results from barrels “slumbering in lochside warehouses”, absorbing the maritime air of Loch Indaal as they mature. Each dram is distilled, matured, and bottled on Islay – no exceptions.

Terroir – how a particular region’s climate, soils, and terrain affects the taste of whisky – is extremely important to Bruichladdich.

“We believe in asking questions, in moving forward regardless of industry convention or the status quo. We continue to rebel against the staid world of Scotch whisky.”

One of their most famous single malt whisky ranges is the Octomore, created from “the most heavily peated barley humanly possible”.

This experimental, high-PPM range undermines the long-held assumption that the quality of single malt Scotch whisky is simply due to its age. This esoteric series is made up of mostly extremely limited releases, beautifully designed, bottled, and numbered.

Their online store, The Laddie Shop, is a slick experience offering single bottles, gift packs, as well as a range of accessories and clothing.

Built by in-house developer, Nick Roy, the choice to move Bruichladdich’s online store from Drupal to WooCommerce was due to customizability as well as “platform stability and ease of use.”

“Using WooCommerce’s APIs and developer docs, we have been able to deploy a number of custom page elements that has allowed us to create the look and user experience that we are looking for.”
– Nick Roy, developer

Bruichladdich respect the past, but aren’t content to live in its shadow. Curious and restless, they’re a great example of WooCommerce’s “ship your idea” philosophy.


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