Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


Buydirect4u have offered a range of products over the years, having been established since 2005. Their goal is simple: to source high quality home, garden and leisure products directly from the manufacturers and sell them direct to their valued and growing customer base. Selling online through a variety of channels, including through Tesco, Amazon, eBay and more, they decided about 6 months ago to focus more on their own online presence and invest in a website for the future. As they were already using WooCommerce successfully, the platform choice was simple. WooCommerce might be easy to use, but can be made incredibly powerful using the right extensions. It’s a strong e-commerce foundation for a growing business with solid plans for the future. We tailored the Add to Basket workflow, based on the typical personas using this shop, adding a confirmation page with cross-sells. We also update stock from Strategix, and push customers and orders to a One Office warehousing and CRM solution using a custom API bridge. The navigation dropdown is also fully bespoke, using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), giving Buydirect4U complete control over it. Banners are also managed, at all levels, using ACF in combination with a custom post type. The new website has be phenomenally well received, and a lift in sales has followed.

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