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Cakehut is Nigeria’s first cake-in-a-jar bake-from-home bakery. With layers of decadent cake and cream cheese in 100% recyclable glass jars, this passionate Abuja-based enterprise boasts a wide variety of flavors and desserts for all kinds of occasions, promising that you’ll find a little bliss in each and every bite.

All cakes are freshly baked and tightly closed inside the jars, allowing them to be stored for 5-10 days without being refrigerated, or up to six months when frozen.

If that’s not quite your style, there are always delicious milk pops to tempt you. A crispy, delightful sweet treat made of milk and sugar, milk pops are deep-fried and coated in strawberry, chocolate or Cakehut’s authentic caramel sauce.

Open seven days a week, Cakehut are dedicated to using the finest quality ingredients, and their impressive “make it happen, no matter what” approach to customer service sees them offer same-day delivery throughout Abuja.

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