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Dinesen is a Danish family-owned flooring company with a long and rich tradition of craftmanship, providing exclusive solid wood floors since 1898.

With a love of wood and respect for nature that has been passed down through five generations, Dinesen make sure to only use raw wood from sustainable forestry for each project they undertake. Each floor is custom-made in close consultation with the customer, who count among them a number of international designers and architects.

Most of the wood used for these unique solutions comes from majestic Douglas firs and oak trees sourced from Germany, as well as other certified European suppliers practicing sustainable forestry.

Thomas Dinesen himself often visits the forest, and each tree is selected on criteria such as straightness, growth rings, knots, and harmony, with only a small proportion of trees living up to Dinesen’s rigorous standards.

The driving force for us is working with the beautiful and simple materials that we love and of course the daily pleasure of interacting directly with our clients. That is a great source of energy and job satisfaction. The closer contact we have with our clients, the better our day is.
– Thomas Dinesen

As Denmark’s leading manufacturer of exclusive plank floors, the company also supplies quality products for installation, basic finishing, maintenance, and cleaning.

Dinesen have many years of expertise when it comes to restoration projects both in Denmark and abroad, including restoring and converting Frederik VIII’s Palace into a modern home for the Danish Crown Prince couple in 2010. Heritage projects have included castles, palaces, manor houses, churches, and private homes since 1965.

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