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Filthy Beasts

Filthy Beasts is a family-run art business dedicated to the work of acclaimed illustrator, Diz Wallis.

Diz produces a unique range of limited edition giclée prints, featuring a rogue’s gallery of disreputable animals. Her traditional style and exquisite detail are counterpointed by the often humorous and salacious scenarios, making them a very unusual offering to the market place.

The company was created as a collaboration between Diz and her son-in-law, Neil Biddlecombe. They have combined Diz’s artistic prowess with Neil’s background in digital design and development.

The site was launched in November 2017 with the goal of not just being another “artist’s portfolio”, but also a commercially-aware enterprise. Filthy Beasts intend to not only effectively monetize and promote Diz’s extensive catalogue of work, but also to develop a brand guided by three simple principles: quality, integrity, and fun.

“The beauty of the platforms that we have chosen – WordPress, WooCommerce and PayPal is that we can shape the technology to our business – not the business to the technology.”
– Neil Biddlecombe

The glory of Diz’s work are the “dirty details”, so to speak – the feathers and flies, the snail slime and fox’s fur. Storefront was chosen as it would keep the design clean and minimal, allowing the artist’s work to speak for itself. However, the design would not be complete without further customizations, judiciously-placed feathers floating and drips of saliva – these are filthy beasts, after all!

“We chose WooCommerce as it gave us the desired customer experience whilst affording us the flexibility to adapt as our business and customers’ needs changes. WooCommerce allows us to showcase the art using a zoomable gallery function, meaning that customers can the see fine detail of all of Diz’s pieces – essential for her style of work.”
– Neil Biddlecombe

Idiosyncratic and humorous image descriptions give further insight into her work and the characters inspiring it, while her biography and blog further develop Diz’s story and voice.

In May 2018, won the coveted Fine Art Trade Guild’s Art Business Website award, beating out stiff competition from all around the world.

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