Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


flwr is a small floral studio based in New Zealand.

After working with some of the best flower stores in Auckland, founder Elena decided to take the leap and start her own studio.

“I always knew that my profession would be related to creating beautiful things,” she says. “My journey has ultimately led me to floristry.”

Established in 2017, flwr specializes in bespoke bouquet delivery and decorations for weddings and special events. The studio offers bold and expressive bouquets in six different color palettes.

“My love for experimenting is manifested in my bouquets,” says Elena. “I love to add an unusual touch, like berries, small fruits, and rare types of flora.”

Her husband and business partner, Artem, runs Wildlabs – the development agency behind the build of this beautiful, minimalist website. They put the main focus on the products, showcasing their unique personality, and highlighting their respective palettes.

“WooCommerce and its extensions allowed us to implement the actual eCommerce part [of the site] with no hassle and spend more time focusing on the custom theme development.” – Wildlabs

Artem and Elena are both keen photographers who also pursue videography in their spare time. Their passion comes to the fore in collaboration with professional photographer, Max Lemesh, resulting in the stunning, high-quality photos displayed on the flwr site.

The pair chose to work with friends rather than hiring professional models for the shoot. “[This approach] made it look especially warm and ‘real’ with people being natural and a little shy in front of the camera” explains Elena.

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