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Honor Life Headstones

Honor Life Headstones

Honor Life Headstones has been preserving memories for over 30 years, producing headstones for families both directly and through a large network of cemeteries and funeral homes.

With a large variety of different customizable products available, including cremation urns, memorials for pets and wholesale options, trusting WooCommerce for their online store has assisted them in serving over 79,000 customers from their base in Vista, CA.

The most impressive feature of their online store is Honor Life’s custom headstone designer, allowing customers to personalize headstones and memorial keepsakes with text, emblems and more right on the site, in the privacy of their home or business. The personalized options are previewed graphically on the product in real-time, giving the customer a live preview of the headstone each step of the way through the design process.

All headstones created are then professionally carved using their innovative Rayzist engraving process, allowing the team to achieve the highest level of detail in the memorialization industry and produce premium-quality handcrafted work that lasts for generations.

Honor Life aim to ensure that your memorial will be as distinctive and timeless as the life it represents, providing service and concern in your time of need.

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