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Imres Granola

Imres Granola makes small batch, premium organic granola.

Each batch is baked by hand in small portions with no added sugar, using organic Norwegian oatmeal and raw, wholesome ingredients. Nuts, berries, chia seeds, and coconut are all used.

Imre Bidtnes founded Imres Granola back in 2017, and has long been a fan of granola for breakfast. “I looked for the perfect granola for a long time but never found it, so in the end I decided to make it myself,” he says.

When it came to creating his own products, Imre knew that it was not enough for his granola to be healthy – it had to be tasty as well.

Customers in Norway can choose from eight different variants – such as banana and peanut and fruit and berries – available either as one-time purchases or as a monthly granola subscription.

“The store runs on a custom made theme, based on Genesis. We’ve tried to make it a bit like the granola; simple, clean, and a good experience.”
– Gotland Internet & Finsnickeri, developers


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