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Lil Packaging Ltd

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We manufacture and supply e-commerce packaging to the world’s largest online retailers. Lil Packaging is part of the Mainline Packaging family. Established by Roger Lill in 1983, Mainline initially focused on the supply of packaging to the major photo processors. It has grown from supplying Kodak enlargement envelopes to being Europe’s largest independent packaging manufacturer supplying an extensive range of e-commerce packaging solutions to customers across the globe.

Everything we do is tried, tested and perfected through extensive research with the world’s largest online retailers and it’s the reason we produce the most operationally cost-effective range of cardboard postal packaging on the market. At Lil, we don’t just innovate. We design and manufacture every last mailer, envelope and cardboard CD case ourselves, and we keep the entire range in stock.

We’re also still family-run, still independent, and still love what we do.

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