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Luminaire provide beautifully designed furniture, accessories, and objects from international designers and manufacturers for home and outdoors.

The company has been a pioneering force in the design world for more than 40 years, reshaping the idea of what a design store can be.

“From the age of 16, I dreamt of having something like a church, where people would come to experience good design,” says Nasir Kassamali. Nasir and his wife, Nargis, envisioned and created Luminaire after emigrating to the United States in 1973.

The couple’s intense appreciation for design grew into a powerful desire to share their knowledge with the public, while making the highest level of contemporary, international products directly accessible to the American public.

They distilled this long-standing dream into a singular concept: Luminaire.

The Kassamalis have been consistently recognized over the years for their contributions and commitment to promoting good design, as well as the architectural significance of the company’s offices and showrooms.

Luminaire’s first showroom, specializing in European lighting, opened as a 500-square-foot kiosk in North Miami Beach in 1974. Today, the company has showrooms in locations across America.

Believing in the importance of creating and nurturing relationships with the companies it represents as well as its clients, Luminaire has built long-standing relationships with international designers, as well as Europe’s most important manufacturers of contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Luminaire tasked Miami-based WooExperts, Absolute Web Services, with revamping their site and working on performance optimization.

“[Luminaire.com] is a very customized website, to fit the company’s brand guidelines and uniqueness. [We were] tasked to do plugin customization and new features on the website, such as Timeline, Cart, Checkout, and others.”
– Absolute Web Services, developers

Today, Luminaire continues to exemplify the Kassamalis’ original ideals by captivating visitors with expertly curated environments and an exceptional event program, while setting the standard for service by guiding client projects from conception to the last detail.

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