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Matchanna – Finest quality Matcha Tea

Finest quality Matcha Tea in a no-hassle monthly subscription. Matcha is a hand-picked, then finely grained green tea. Each leaf is meticulously examined and selected by the skillful workers who pick only the youngest leaves. This results in an astonishingly smooth blend of the highest quality tea that’s healthy, nourishing, and pure in its essence. This purposeful intention, and unwillingness for compromise, is what made us fall in love with Matcha. We couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We loved it so much, that we immediately shared it with our friends. They spread the word around, and pretty soon we were stunned by how many friends of friends of friends became regular Matcha aficionados. This small community quickly grew and we were honestly overwhelmed. We never thought our labour of love would amount to anything more than a few good cups of tea shared with friends. So we spent ages in tracking down the best of the best Matcha suppliers, in an effort to grow our budding business. What we discovered is a small, hard-to-reach, family plantation in the Nishio region, Japan. Nishio is a heritage site of Matcha tea, made famous for this green tea. The locals agreed to supply us with their centuries-long tradition of carefully selected Matcha.

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