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Men’s Health Speed Shred

Men’s Health Speed Shred is an online fitness and nutrition programme.

The programme was developed by Men’s Health magazine in South Africa, and is available to subscribers only. It is designed to help men lose weight and get fit over 12 weeks.

Once subscribers sign up, they get instant access to the full workout routine and dietitian-approved eating plan. This content is housed in an exclusive members area, accessible only once checkout is completed. All users have access to their own personal dashboard displaying their progress, where they can optionally update details such as weight and waist size at the beginning and end of the course.

Men’s Health additionally devised a test to score each participant’s fitness levels to determine where in the programme they should begin.

WooExperts, LightSpeed Development, needed to display both meal and exercise plans in chronological order for the reader to work through logically, marking days as complete before progressing.

“We created two post types (recipes and workouts) that can be added to the Weekly Planner. Instructional videos/GIFs are used to provide details on how to execute the exercises. Daily tips on the meal plan pages add extra information to assist [readers] with meal preparation.”

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